Live at Cafe Oto | 24th February 2015

Jacaszek & Kwartludium perform "Catalogue Des Arbres"
Hildur Guðnadóttir

Enthralling double-bill featuring electronic musician Michał Jacaszek in collaboration with Polish ensemble, Kwartludium, plus a solo set from Icelandic cellist and composer Hildur Guðnadóttir.

Jacaszek's collaboration with Kwartludium evokes the sounds of trees and feel of the forest; and in doing so they use a whole host of classical and modern techniques. In keeping with a lot of modern classical there is a direct link with the past masters, and here the link to Messiaen's Catalogue d'Oiseaux can’t be a coincidence.

“… and the trees, like earth’s wistful sighs to the sky” – K. Janiszewska

Jacaszek and Kwartludium's album "Catalogue des Abres" and Hildur Gudnadottir's "Saman" were both released summer 2014

Touch Radio 110 | Pinkcourtesyphone

22.01.15 - Pinkcourtesyphone - Live at LACE - 35:40 - 320 kbps

Recorded by Myke Dodge Weiskopf at Touch presents... Live in Los Angeles, 21st January 2015. With thanks to LACE, VOLUME and especially Yann Novak.

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Johann Johannsson wins Golden Globe

Many congrats to Jóhann Jóhannsson for his Golden Globe Award for the soundtrack to The Theory of Everything... Apart from releasing the two albums Englabörn and Virthulegu Forsetar, it was Jóhann who recommended Hildur Guðnadóttir to Touch, so there is a strong affinity...

Jóhann's soundtrack with BJNilsen for the film I Am Here is just out on vinyl (with free download)

Touch presents... | Live in Los Angeles 21st January 2015

Mark Van Hoen

(presented by Mike Harding)

LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)
January 21, 2015, 8:00PM, $10 advanced, $15 at the door

VOLUME is please to present an evening of performances by Touch related artists curated by Mike Harding.

You can buy tickets here

Touch Radio 109 | Before Surgery

04.01.15 - Before Surgery - Potlatch - 16:19 - 320 kbps

Field recording of fireworks on Saint John's Night, June 23, 2014, the local pagan inheritor celebration of the Summer Solstice. Recording by Heitor Alvelos on Bruce Geduldig and Bernadette Martou's balcony, Porto, Portugal. The vantage point, overlooking the tail end of the Douro river from a considerable height, allows the acoustic experience to become as impressive as the visual: the sound of the fireworks travels back and forth through the valley in considerable detail.

Recent trends in mass entertainment have dictated the expectation for further ingredients of sensory input, i.e. the "pure" experience of the explosives shall not be enough. Cue the arrival of pop anthems as an added sound layer that, as far as acoustics go, can only be experienced as a distraction. This is the main reason for the dramatic pitch shift in the present recording: the sound fabric is brought down to the point where pop pap no longer hurts. In the meantime, a different landscape emerges, austere and foreboding.

Edited by Heitor Alvelos in Suçães, August 2014: the recording has been left unaltered save for a pitch shift of -77%.
Mastered by Anselmo Canha in Porto, September 2014.
Assisted at various times by José Maria Lopes, Teresa Serôdio, José Canha, Antifluffy.

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Touch Radio 108 | BJNilsen

31.12.14 - BJNilsen - NYE Berlin​-​Schöneberg 31​.​12​.​2014 - 38:26 - 320 kbps

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Bandcamp releases

We are pleased to offer many new and exclusive downloads available for the first time on Bandcamp. Included in this download collection are digital versions of physical releases which have sold out, live tracks never before available and other goodies. This set contains exclusive recordings from Spire live events with Marcus Davidson, Fennesz, Hildur Gudnadottir, Philip Jeck, Charles Matthews, BJNilsen, Jana Winderen and the BJNilsen and tenor John Beaumont collaboration, Black Death.

Sold out albums include Oren Ambarchi’s Insulation, Suspension and Grapes from the Estate, and Fennesz’s Field Recordings 1995:2002… and some surprises in there too… others will be added in due course!

There is a nice price introductory offer until 2015…

Oren Ambarchi -
Fennesz -
(Fennesz also has his own page with "Mahler Remixed"
Hildur Gudnadottir -
Philip Jeck -
Life Everlasting, Amen -
BJNilsen -
Sohrab -
Spire -
Jana Winderen -

Highlights in this collection include exclusive tracks which have never been made available before:

Fennesz - “Mahler Remixed”
Hildur Gudnadottir live in Berlin (Spire)
Philip Jeck live in London (Spire)
BJNilsen live and compilation tracks
Sohrab - Aamookhtan Baraye Zistan
Burkhard Stangl live in Mautern (Spire)
Jana Winderen live in Berlin (Spire)

In the coming months we will be adding to this archive, so it is recommended that you check back regularly…

Touch Radio 107 | Audialsense

1.12.14 - Audialsense - Industrial Revolutions - 19:02 - 320 kbps

In May 2014, we were lucky enough to have direct access to the great machines of the industrial revolution on display in London’s Science Museum; the Mill Engine, by the Burnley Ironworks company, 1903, the Difference Engine No2, by Charles Babbage 1849.

Sound has been integral in the relationship of the machines and their operators; used as a primary diagnostic tool, the ‘sound’ of various operating components reveal the machines state of well being. Operators listened to the ‘song’ of their engines, gaining insight in to particular problems, and clues to required maintenance.

Using accelerometers fixed to the steelwork of the engines, we could extract this world of sound; escaping steam, muscular pistons, popping and crackling valves … rhythmic and stuttering, sensitive and forthright… the ‘man made’ qualities of the engineering being exposed in the recordings.

Track 01. Mill Engine: A series of recordings of various parts of the engine.
Track 02. Difference Engine: A complete recording of a calculation cycle, this one being the polynomial equation;
Y= 41+ 4X + 7X2 + X3 + 5X4 + 9X5 + 2X6 + 8X7

All recordings are exclusive.

Audialsense would like to thank Aleksander Kolkowski and the conservators of the Science Museum.

Photography: Asako Bavister

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Ash 11.1 | Johann Johannsson & BJNilsen "I Am Here"

We are delighted to announce the forthcoming release of “I Am Here” by Jóhann Jóhannsson & BJNilsen on limited edition vinyl. This release is now in production and we are expecting finished copies before the end of November 2014.

Based on the original score for the film “I Am Here” (due to be released in 2015), written and directed by Anders Morgenthaler, starring Kim Basinger, Jordan Prentice and Sebastian Schipper. All music written and produced by Jóhann Jóhannsson and BJ Nilsen.

This is the first collaboration between Jóhann Jóhannsson and BJ Nilsen… very much a mix between their two worlds (you can hear both their signatures) and with the help of additional musicians, including Hildur Guðnadóttir on cello and the remarkable voices of Elfa Margrét Ingvadóttir and Guðmundur Vignir Karlsson, they together create a world of great beauty and mystery.

Buy Jóhann Jóhannssen & BJNilsen “I Am Here” [LP + WAV download] from the TouchShop

Touch Radio 106 | Yann Novak

1.11.14 - Yann Novak - Repose - 42:24 - 320 kbps

Repose was a site specific performance in Cocky Eek’s inflatable performance space, Sphæræ, commissioned by the 2014 AxS Festival in Pasadena, California.

The performance highlighted this unique space through a gesture-less performance of sound and light. The piece is comprised of a purely synthesized sound devoid of traditional compositional elements and was accompanied by 180º projections of pure color.

Repose is presented here in a longer form to take advantage of the digital format.

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TO:53V | Fennesz "Venice"

Double vinyl & digital download - 14 tracks + pdf booklet

Release date: 20th October 2014

Artwork and photography by Jon Wozencroft
Cut by Jason at Transition, mastered by Denis Blackham
Featuring David Sylvian and Burkhard Stangl
Special 10th anniversary edition

Track listing:

The Future Will Be Different
Rivers of Sand
Chateau Rouge

City of Light
Circassian (guitar: Burkhard Stangl)
The Other Face

Transit (vocals: David Sylvian)
The Point of It All

The Stone of Impermanence

The Future Will Be Different and Tree complete the Venice sessions in one release… "Venice" was recorded on location in the summer of 2003 and subsequently assembled and mixed at Amann Studios, Vienna in January/February 2004.

"Venice", the fourth studio album by Christain Fennesz, finds electronic music at a crossroads between its early status as digital subculture, and the feeling that there has to be something more, an emotional quality that rises above noise and moves towards melody and rapture.

It was voted No. 3 in The Top 50, The Wire, December 2004, was album of the week at BBCi on its release and remains Christian Fennesz’s best-selling record to date. prefix (USA) noted: "Although Fennesz's breakout record Endless Summer was followed by a live release and a collaboration with Jim O'Rourke and Peter Rehberg as Fenn O'Berg, Venice is the true heir to that album's ascendant pop. Venice is not as unabashedly poppy as its predecessor (the lack of Beach Boys references can attest to that), but still mines much the same vein. It was marked by critics at the time as a move away from the relatively robotic music spawned by the IDM craze of the late nineties. Instead, its melodic, emotive tracks foresaw an electronic music that could be purely human.”

Pitchfork Media (USA), in a lengthy review, also noted: "Venice's quality extends beyond its sound. Touch proprietor Jon Wozencroft-- through his breathtaking design and photography - continues to fight the good fight against records-as-pure-data by making the CD a value-added prospect.” and The Declaration Online (Web): "Two blue empty row boats left listless on rippling water. Red orange green riverbed foliage reflected in the water's gauzy oil slick surface. An airport enveloped in dull gray stratus and snow. Upon seeing the photography and packaging accompanying Christian Fennesz's latest recording, Venice, it is clear that the record label Touch remains intent on not simply putting out records but creating audiovisual imprints dedicated to inextricably tying sound and vision."

Buy Fennesz "Venice" [DLP and wav download] in the TouchShop

Touch Radio 105 | Jiyeon Kim

1.10.14 - Jiyeon Kim - Grandmothers' Lounge - From the Other Side of Voices - Lounge Mix - 15:08 - 320 kbps

3 mixes, 3 directional speakers, sound installation 2014, Jiyeon Kim @ SeMa Biennale MediaCity Seoul

'Grandmothers' Lounge - From the Other Side of Voices' is a joint work of radio producer Sang-il Choi (KR) and sound artist Jiyeon Kim (KR), commissioned by SeMa Biennale MediaCity Seoul 2014. Largely based on Sang-il Choi's anthropological audio recordings of folksongs and stories of grandmothers from South Korea, Jiyeon Kim made this sound installation adopting 3 directional speakers. This mix is especially prepared for TouchRadio.

birds without mouths 00:00~06:17

Grandmothers who had lived in mountain villages used to play with imitating bird's call. Songs about birds and imitative sounds of birds call were passed on orally. For the people who lived in mountainous areas, birds were believed to be the reincarnation of the dead, who had oppression and resentment during their lives. Most of the words and lyrics concern listening to one's sorrows and comforting one's soul. You can hear calls of the lark, owl, cuckoo, wood pigeon, pheasant, nightingale, etc mimicked by grandmothers from different mountain villages with rustling leaves and folksong on birds.

prayers 06:19~10:58

A mix of grandmothers' confessions during the act of praying with songs used in exorcism rituals. Sounds of metal resonance, water flow and feedback were added to accentuate an aspect of their lives - a shaman in their own families.

unfinished chorus 10:59~15:07

This mix starts with one of the old ladies saying, "…I can't even sing." As song is assumed as a centralised and capitalised epic, marginal unsong elements are often neglected and erased. With chopped sounds and refrains from mainly labour folksongs, I focused on 'unsung elements' (breaths, humming, laughter, shouts, etc.) to be extended into another kind of song. Grandmothers' chorus would not be finished until they stop breathing.

Sang-il Choi's online archive of Korean traditional folksongs and in English

Exhibition link

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Golem | Michal Jacaszek 30th September 2014


30th September 2014 at The Silent Movie Theatre
611 N. Fairfax, LA, CA 90036

The Golem (with live score by Jacaszek, a polish sound artist who works with us at Touch - we released an album by him in June 2014)

about The Golem

Profile in Tokafi | 17th September 2014

"By maintaining challenging relationships with their artists, touch have remained inspiring for more than 30 years...."

Tobias Fischer interviewed Mike Harding & Jon Wozencroft for Dutch magazine, Tokafi

You can read the full article here:

Tone 51D | Thomas Koner & Jana Winderen "Cloitre"

WAV Download - 1 track - 44:37

Mastered by Thomas Köner
Photography by Jon Wozencroft
Text by Denis Boyer

Track listing:
1. Cloître

Recorded live from the cloisters at Evreux Cathedral, Normandy, France by Franck Dubois, 14th June 2014, as part of L'Ateliers

Buy Thomas Koner & Jana Winderen "Cloitre" [WAV Download] in the TouchShop

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