Touch, August 2008

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Touch Radio 33 | AER

33. 5.08.08 - Without Number - 45:53 - 128 kpbs

Jon Wozencroft writes: "The earliest tape used in this radio show comes from 1982 and the most recent is ten years old. AER is/was a name I gave to sound recordings used for the Touch samplers (in particular) and this is no more than an opportunity to “clear the cupboards” and make the best of them available in one location. None of them benefit from studio production and in the age of easily-available sound recording software, I suppose part of the point is that they are all cassette or minidisk recordings assembled on pre-digital recording equipment."

A full index of the tracks and information can be downloaded here

The Guardian: "Click that dial!"

In today's Guardian, Pascal Wyse and Alexis Petridis pick their favourite internet radio stations. Wyse writes: "Touch, an independent arts organisation that turned 25 last year, is home to artists such as Christian Fennesz, Biosphere and Chris Watson. Touch Radio features challenging and entertaining material, including field recordings, interviews and live performances. There are audio diaries from Chris Watson, where he illuminates his work as a wildlife sound recordist in the Galapagos Islands, taking in the Alcedo volcano. If you are truly tired of words by this stage, you will find an antidote in Touch Radio 10: The Bits Inbetween by Vicki Bennett, whose own show on WFMU, a glorious mashup, will leave you in a spin.

Tone 31 - Lawrence English "Kiri No Oto" review

Lawrence English's "Kiri No Oto" is out now and available from the TouchShop here and is reviewed below. You can also hear track one, "Organs Lost At Sea", at the bottom of that page in the TouchShop

White Line (UK):

Perhaps better known for audio works on his own imprint, Room 40, and a series of live excursions which took in a good portion of Europe last year, Lawrence English makes his debut on Touch in the form of a drone piece, Kiri No Oto, which loosely translates as “the sound of fog.”

Perhaps “drone piece” is far too limited a description, as English’s tonal assemblages are complex, dense, stratified affairs, consisting of various forms of instrumentation, particularly organ- based drones, juxtaposing pointillist cascades of tonalism against a fabric of overtones and amorphous harmonics. These aural texturologies present us with no surprises, no hidden spectra, no glitch or fuss, just sheer minimalist bliss, ebbing and flowing in irridescent waves and crescendos.

Some of the sounds are infused with an edgy patina, the almost industrial overtones entering into White Spray come to mind, but these are quickly dissipated, filtered, and numbed, creating a fascinating dynamics of harsh and soft tones. These shifting, sedimentary layerings create areas rich in colour and texture that shine through on occasion, glimmers of sunlight filtered through the fog of texture, intriguing and beguiling at one and the same time. Figure’s Lone Static emerges as my track of choice, moving from soft pastel renderings, panning across the soundscape, that gradually swells and envelops the listener in a fully immersive and gritty tonal assault – wonderful stuff.

Touch have chosen well here, as Kiri No Oto acts in symbiosis with their organ based Spire releases of late, and also the work of label mate, Rosy Parlane could be a spiritual benefactor. Intelligent drones from an established and now highly influential figure on the minimalist scene... essential. [BGN]


"Recovery" is a collector’s limited edition vinyl box set of 20 cover versions by 20 seminal electronic musicians and composers, issued by Fractured Recordings. Published as a numbered limited edition of 500, the box contains 10 double A-side 7"s, alongside unique cover designs by artist Graham Dolphin.

It is the result of an invitation, extended to a group of leading electronic artists, to create a cover version of a song from the past that holds a particular significance to them. The outcome is an extraordinary and unexpected series of tributes and appropriations of classic hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s, recorded by artists renowned for their inimitable style and seminal contribution to contemporary musical innovation.

Several Touch-related artists are included in this project: Fennesz, BJNilsen, Mika Vainio, Snd, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Ryoji Ikeda, People Like Us, and more…

"Recovery" is available to buy online at

Closure of Touch's Local Post Office

In their wisdom, Post Office Ltd. have seen fit to close our local Post Office. For many years now, Touch has despatched goods using the Balham Sub Post Office in Balham High Road, London. They are throwing a party to say goodbye on 29th August 2008 at 1300 HRS.

Do come and help see them off and wish them all the best for the future. They have been fantastically supportive over the past 21 years+ and will be sorely missed.

Post Office Ltd. have behaved shockingly badly in their treatment of this Post Office, and the staff have our every sympathy. It has been a horrid time for them.

Bring a bottle to: Balham High Rd Sub P.O, 258, Balham High Rd, London, SW17 7AW

[You can read more about Post Office closures here and at Herry's blog here]

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