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Touch profiled in FACT Magazine, issue 27

FACT Magazine's Kiran Sande conducted an extensive interview with Touch founder Jon Wozencroft for their August/September 2008 issue.

Sande writes, “Touch is an example to us all of what can be achieved with collaboration, commitment and an intelligent sense of restraint, or, more accurately, control. Twenty-seven after its inception, the singularity of Touch’s vision, and the multitude of ideas contained therein, is as remarkable as ever. Its history of responding to change, and seriously evolving, without ever giving in to the petty comings and goings of fashion, is infinitely admirable; in contemporary audio-visual art, its successful synthesis of style and substance is without parallel.”

The interview is now available to read online in the Touch Archive and also at, where it is illustrated with images from the Wozencroft archive and augmented by streaming audio samples from key Touch artists.

Published quarterly, and available for free from independent record stores and selected clothing outlets in the UK and Europe, FACT is a music and street culture magazine, comprising of features that fully dispense with spin - a platform for talented young musicians, artists, designers and more…

Phill Niblock is 75

2nd October 2008 is Phill Niblock's 75th birthday...

Happy birthday, Phill. Warmest congratulations from us all here at Touch.

Phill's next album with us, Touch Strings, a double CD, will be out in the new year.

If you would like to send him a message, please email him here

Stephan Mathieu made a vinyl cake for him here

Pitchfork: exclusive track from forthcoming Fennesz album

Pitchfork are premiering an exclusive stream of "Saffron Revolution", from Fennesz's forthcoming "Black Sea" album, scheduled for release at the end of November [Touch # TO:76, CD and vinyl].

Pitchfork's Mark Richardson writes: "… this lead track certainly keeps expectations very high. Beginning with some of Fennesz' trademark neo-industrial gurgles, it folds in bits of guitar and strings rather beautifully, creating a cluster of sound that trembles, seeming to wait for something. And that something moves in gradually in the form of a massive cloud of distortion, a fine white mist of harmonics mixed with a dark undercurrent of rumbling bass. The tension between these elements is so well balanced, each individual element remaining in the mix even as the sound field becomes impossibly dense, that it's no surprise that it takes a while to get it just right. And as it begins to draw down about five minutes in, you can't help but wish that another full Fennesz album was following behind it. Soon."

Preview "Saffron Revolution" on by clicking here.


1.10.08 - THE FREQ_OUT ORCHESTRA – 28:46 - 192 kpbs

freq_out 7 took place in September 2008 as part of The Happy New Ears Festival in Kortrijk, Belgium. There was also a performance by THE FREQ_OUT ORCHESTRA on Saturday 13th September, which was recorded by Finnbogi Pétursson on a Zoom H2 and mastered by BJNilsen. Crows recorded by Pascal Wyse.

Tone 35 - Jacob Kirkegaard "Labyrinthitis"

Jacob Kirkegaard's "Labyrinthitis" is out now and available from the TouchShop. Presented in a special limited edition wallet, it is Kirkegaard's third edition for Touch, after 'Eldfjall' [Touch # T33.20, 2005] and '4 Rooms' [Touch # Tone 26, 2006]

Jacob Kirkegaard has turned his ears inwards: His new work Labyrinthitis is an interactive sound piece that consists entirely of sounds generated in the artist’s auditory organs – and will cause audible responses in those of the audience.

Labyrinthitis relies on a principle employed both in medical science and musical practice: When two frequencies at a certain ratio are played into the ear, additional vibrations in the inner ear will produce a third frequency. This frequency is generated by the ear itself: a so-called “distortion product otoacoustic emission” (DPOAE), also referred to in musicology as “Tartini tone”.

By arranging the tones from his ears in a composition and playing them to an audience, the artist evokes further distortion effects in the ears of his listeners. At first, each new tone can only be perceived "intersubjectively": inside the head of each one in the audience. Kirkegaard artificially reproduces this tone and introduces it, "objectively", into his composition. When combined with another distorting frequency, it will create another tone... until, step by step, a pattern of descending tonal structure emerges whose spiral form mirrors the composition of resonant spectra in the human cochlea.

(The effect in your ears will not appear when listening to the sound file at

Paradoxical as it may sound: we can listen to our own ears. The human hearing organ – still often perceived as a passive unidirectional medium – does not only receive sounds from the outside, it also generates its own sound from within itself. As a matter of fact, it can even be “played on”, just like an acoustic instrument.

You can find out more on Kirkegaard's website -
Purchase Labyrinthitis in the TouchShop.

Touch 25 Live at Interzone, Utrecht, Netherlands | 24.10.08

Interzone festival

Touch 25
BJNilsen | Philip Jeck

Fennesz | Digital Single Released Today

Fennesz – Saffron Revolution, taken from the forthcoming album 'Black Sea' [Touch #s TO:76CD & TO:76LP] – is released today.

It is available from numerous download sites including:

World - Beatport
UK - Bleep
UK - Boomkat
USA - Thrill Jockey
GAS - zero inch [Touch is also label of the week here]

Forthcoming CD & LP | Fennesz - Black Sea

Since yesterday's special newsletter about the release of the digital single, 'Saffron Revolution' (now available on all good download sites), we have had numerous responses asking about his forthcoming album, 'Black Sea'.

We will start sales for the vinyl album via the TouchShop when we receive finished copies, which should be in 2-3 weeks time (around November 4th). The TouchShop will be the first outlet to stock this item… The CD album will follow a couple of weeks later.

Here is the info for the vinyl album:

Fennesz - Black Sea
[Touch # TO:76LP]

LP - 6 tracks - 40:28

Mastered by Denis at Skye on 28th September 2008
Vinyl cut by Jason at Transition on 8th October 2008
Photography and design by Jon Wozencroft

Track Listing:

Side One:
Black Sea
Perfume for Winter
Grey Scale

Side Two:
Glass Ceiling
Saffron Revolution

Christian Fennesz used acoustic and electric guitars, synths, electronics, lloopp and computers.

All tracks composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Christian Fennesz at Amann Studios, Vienna and C-street, Paris except "Glide" which was composed and performed by Rosy Parlane and Christian Fennesz (recorded live in Paris and then edited and mixed at Amman Studios).

The CD album is 8 tracks - 52 minutes - info to follow

Sound Art Symposium | South Hill Park, Bracknell 1st November 2008

Installation: Chris Watson - Beyond Ol' Tokai.

Panel discussion chaired by Mike Harding with Peter Cusack, Tony Myatt & Jana Winderen - Tipping Point.

Presentation & Performance: Jana Winderen.

For further information, visit South Hill Park's website.

Touch @ Les Borealis, Caen, France | 25th & 26th November 2008

Festival Les Borealis

25th November

Touch @ Beaux-Arts Ecole de Caen

26th November

Hildur I. Gudnadottir

New Fennesz artwork printed

Yesterday Mike [Touch], and Colin [3BC], visited Delga Press near Rochester in Kent [UK] to check the printing of the CD digipak and LP inner and outer sleeves.

The Heidelberg SM CD printer, valued at over £1 million, is computer controlled and subtle changes can be made to alter and improve the colour grading etc. It was a good experience and certain improvements were made on the spot. Flats were run off for checking and then signed off.

Jon Wozencroft's images look amazing, particularly on the vinyl edition. Click here to view the Black Sea cover art for both CD and vinyl.

With thanks to Bob, Arthur & James at Delga Press.

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