Touch, October 2011

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28-30.10.11 | Touch Live at Phonofemme

Brunnenpassage, Vienna 28th - 30th October
Curated by Mia Zabelka & Mike Harding

Live performances:
Hildur Guðnadóttir
Philip Jeck
Jana Winderen

One night band conducted by Mike Harding and Mia Zabelka featuring Hildur Guðnadóttir, Jana Winderen, Zahra Mani, Philip Jeck, Manon-Liu Winter, Franz Hautzinger, Mia Zabelka

Christina Ödlund - Plant Drummer

Mike Harding/Jana Winderen and Zahra Mani/Mia Zabelka

21.10.11 | Spire Live at Lincoln Cathedral

The 11th Spire will take place on 21st October 2011 in Lincoln Cathedral as part of the Frequency Festival 2011 (21st –29th October, Lincoln).

Philip Jeck
Charles Matthews
Charles Matthews & Mike Harding - The Eternal Chord
The Spire Ensemble - Organogram

with John Beaumont (Tenor)

Tickets can be bought over the phone on +44 (0)1522 561644
Or from the shop itself if they happen to be in Lincoln…

20.10.11 | Worm Eats Bear - a free evening from The Tapeworm

Date: 20.10.11. Time: 7pm – 10.30pm.
Free entry. The Bear Pit, Bear Gardens, London SE1 9EB.

Announcing a special evening of Bankside performances curated by The Tapeworm, as part of the Merge Festival.

London’s finest cassette-only label, The Tapeworm, presents its third annual event in the Capital. Exemplary music and much excitement is to be expected from a line-up of the label’s mates.

Mr Ken Hollings, a writer of note, shall be reading his text from the first Bookworm publication, to be launched on this very same night. Sweden’s BJNilsen will be flying in and making a splendid noise for you all. A second Swede, CM von Hausswolff (...he’s a king, dontchaknow!) will share a stage with Touch’s Mike Harding, in a reading of Edgar Allen Poe like none before. Cult vs. occult — former Medicine Head man Peter Hope-Evans and illustrator Savage Pencil will whip up a dark blue storm. Mr Pencil’s fine drawings will also be on display — exhibition continues 21st to 23rd October, 12 to 6pm. Hopping on the bus from Elephant & Castle is Zerocrop and his band; pop perfection from a local lad. And finally, a London eye — video installation by Vicki Bennett, aka People Like Us.

Plus! Last minute additions!! Special guest artist Joachim Nordwall plays his "Ignition" album, live; and special ghost artist Michael Esposito does some spooky shit. How exciting!!! Plus, Dale Cornish from the Baraclough groop will be spinning the cassettes of steel.

Exhibition featuring work by Savage Pencil and Vicki Bennett: Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd October 12 – 6pm.
Download flyer [.pdf]

Ash 8.9CD | Joachim Nordwall "Ignition"

CD - also available on cassette
Edited by Philip Marshall

Track listing:
1: I am the Beginning of Every End
2: Slow Motion Broadcast
3: My Skull is a Breathing Fire
4: Dead Air
5: My Face Appeared on a Black Screen (Then Disappeared)

Received and recorded by Joachim Nordwall at Morgan Avenue (Brooklyn), Lampo (Chicago), iDEAL (Gothenburg), EMS (Stockholm) 2006-2010.

Technical specifications: RITM-2, iDEALIST DRONE MACHINE, LITTLE BLACK BOY, GLAMOUR BOX, KORG MS-20, iDEALIST NOISE MACHINE, MacBook Pro (various software) and various effects. Analogue sound sources, sometimes processed digitally.

Joachim Nordwall is deeply interested in the power of sound, and how sound can create certain states of mind - but also the other way around; how certain states of mind can create sound. Since his teens in the late 80s, growing up in the remote, crude south east Sweden, he has experimented with something he prefers to call 'Psychic Broadcasting' rather than composition, at first in the still almost active analogue synth drone duo Alvars Orkester ["Interference" - Ash International # Ash 6.9, 2006]. Nordwall went on to play in various experimental music projects, spent time in Paris and London. Back in Sweden he formed iDEAL Recordings in 1998 and joined the sweaty avant punk rock group Kid Commando the year after, touring like mad, eventually hitting rock bottom in 2005. After the death of KC, he formed the ritual rock/drone band The Skull Defekts which has kept him busy ever since (recently releasing records on Chicago-based Thrill Jockey Records). In 2006 his first solo album was released under his 'The Idealist' moniker, entitled "I Am The Fire". A few years in the making, the album offered was a deep study of Nordwall's interior life, during a time when everything was pitch black inside. Today, Joachim Nordwall is very active curating his iDEAL label and organisation for festivals, concert series and sound art exhibitions. He is also the chairman of the legendary Stockholm venue for experimental stage art, Fylkingen. Nordwall is a man that lives and breathes sound.

A few years have passed and "Ignition" is here, Joachim Nordwall's second solo album. Recorded under brighter circumstances but still with many shadows present. "Ignition" is on one hand a solid, highly electronic trip, on the other hand a very sensitive, analogue and warm drone symphony. "Ignition" was released (and is still available) on cassette - also on Ash International, in 2010, thus asserting the primacy of the analogue format.

Buy Joachim Nordwall "Ignition" [CD] in the TouchShop
Also available on cassette

TAPP 01 | Touch app for iPhone and iPad

Touch is a new free app for the iPhone and iPad (iOS 4 and 5) that keeps you up-to-date with Touch news; read about and listen to tracks from the Touch catalogue; stream each and every Touch Radio episode; save Jon Wozencroft's Touch cover art as wallpaper and cook meals from the Touch Recipe Book.

Programmers: Dave Knapik and Tim Medcalf
Art Direction & Design: Rebels in Control
Images: Jon Wozencroft

Download the free Touch app at the iTunes App Store

Tom Lawrence

It is with great shock and sadness that we report the death of Tom Lawrence, who died unexpectedly on Wednesday 19th October 2011.

Tom was a lovely man. We started working with him relatively recently, and helped publish his last album, Water Beetles of Pollardstown Fen (gruenrekorder). He also contributed a beautiful piece to TouchRadio. Here you can listen to The Lough's Breath.

Tom's website can be found here.

We extend our deepest sympathy to his wife and two sons. It was a privilege to know and to work with him. Rest in peace, Tom.

Ash 10.1 | Purity Supreme "Always Already"

12" Vinyl EP + 320kbps mp3 downloads of the tracks
4 tracks - 20:55

Cut: Jason @ Transition Studios, London
Cover: Philip Marshall

Track listing:
Side A
1. Milk St.
2. Half Past 3 Cowboy

Side AA
1. Famous Inhabitants of Louth
2. Dunderhead

Four new tracks from Purity Supreme. Purity Supreme is a collaboration between French musician, composer and producer Christophe Van Huffel and American writer, musician and composer Leslie Winer. Always Already was recorded in France at Studio7Love in May 2011.

Leslie Winer's 90s album "Witch", released under the artist name ©, is a genuine lost classic, pioneering many of the sounds that have followed. Since this prescient release she has chosen to work in the shadows. Leslie's voice has graced recordings by Bomb The Bass, Jon Hassell and Holger Hiller, and her writings used on "This Is", the lead track on Grace Jones's latest effort. Alongside Purity Supreme, she is currently writing short stories to be published by The Bookworm.

Christophe Van Huffel, ex-guitarist of Tanger, has recently worked producing legendary French singer, Christophe. He is based in France.

Buy Purity Supreme "Always Already" in the TouchShop
Also available on iTunes
Purity Supreme on YouTube

TO:70LP | Hildur Gudnadottir "Without Sinking"

Double Vinyl LP - 13 tracks

Mastered by Denis Blackham, cut by Jason @ Transition.
Artwork & photography by Jon Wozencroft.

Track listing:
Side A
1. Elevation
2. Overcast
3. Erupting Light
4. Circular

Side B
1. Ascent
2. Opaque
3. Aether
4. Whiten

Side C
1. Into Warmer Air
2. Unveiled
3. Baer

Side D
1. Heyr Himnasmidur
2. Iridescence

Composed and recorded by Hildur Ingveldardóttir Guðnadóttir in Berlin and Reykjavík. Hildur played cello, zither, processors and voice. Additional recordings by Skúli Sverrisson, bass and processors on all tracks except track 7, 10, 11 and 12. Jóhann Jóhannsson, organs and processors on tracks 2, 3, 9 and 13. Guðni Franzson, clarinet and bass clarinet on tracks 7 and 10

Cello made by David Wiebe in 1991. Cello nr 49.

This release contains 3 extra tracks in addition to the ten on the CD version of Without Sinking

11. Baer was recorded in Berlin in 2009... Hildur plays Halldorophone and cello.

12. Heyr himna smiður is an Icelandic hymn.The lyrics are written in 1208 by Kolbeinn Tumason. Music written over 700 years later by Thorkell Sigurbjörnsson, arranged and recorded by Hildur Gudnadottir. Performed by Hildur Gudnadottir (vocals, piano) and Skuli Sverrisson (bass). Recorded in the Civitella Ranieri castle in Umbria, Italy.

13. Iridescence is co-mixed by BJNilsen, also featuring Skuli Sverrisson (bass) and Johann Johannsson (organ).

Buy "Without Sinking" [Double Vinyl LP] in the TouchShop
Also available on CD

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