Touch, December 2011

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TAPP 01 [v1.0.1] | Touch's iOS app, updated

A new version of the free Touch app for iPhone and iPad has the following improvements, and is now available for download:

• no more forced rotation in the photo viewer
• catalogue numbers and release dates visible in catalogue items
• higher quality photos for retina screens
• miscellaneous tweaks and improvements

Again, thanks to "Team Tema" for all their hard work.

Download the free Touch app at the iTunes App Store

T-Phone 5 | Edgar Honetschlager & Yukika Kudo "Negative Space"

12:04 - .m4v file

Live at Charim Galerie, Vienna, November 19th 2011

"The situation in Japan is dramatic. The day before yesterday a doctors' congress came to an end in Tokyo. Since Fukushima blew up, the cancer rate has dramatically increased in the contaminated areas - which covers 8% of the Japanese land mass. it is unacceptable that babies and children end up with cancer because the public response is not be heard. Please have a look at the video. if you like it please pass it on. We must shout - the louder the better - because it is of concern to all of us."

All visuals © Edoko Institute, Vienna | Ribo Ltd., Tokyo. Music: "Aun" (Christian Fennesz) published by Touch Music [MCPS] | "Mit anderen Augen" (Simone Santi Gubini)/La Camera Verde | "Miro Marcus" (Peter Ablinger)

Download for free Edgar Honetschlager & Yukika Kudo's "Negative Space" [.m4v file] in the TouchShop

TS13 | Mike Harding "Repaired/Replaced"

7" vinyl - 2 tracks - 3:55
Cut by Jason @ Transition
Cover by Jon Wozencroft

Track listing:
A: Broken Window 3:25
B: Broken Rain 0:30

Recorded in West Wittering and Balham using DPA 4060s onto a Nagra Ares P-ll digital recorder.

"Broken Window" first appeared in a slightly different form on the CD compilation "Saiwala - enquete sur l'esthetique musicale du vent" [60 page booklet + CD FEAR DROP 15]

Buy Mike Harding "Repaired/Replaced" in the TouchShop

TS11 | Biosphere "Mysterier"

7" vinyl only - 2 tracks - 10:04
Cut by Jason @ Transition
Cover by Jon Wozencroft

Track listing:
A: Fluvialmorfologi 4:24
B: Feber 5:50

TS11 - the next in the series of vinyl-only Touch Sevens - is Mysterier by Biosphere, featuring Two tracks originally recorded for Hågogaland Teater, Tromsø, Norway in 2006 and remastered in 2011.

Buy Biosphere "Mysterier" in the TouchShop

Minute of Listening | Sound and Music

Chris Watson, Jana Winderen & Mike Harding have contributed sounds to the educational project "Minute of Listening", produced by Sound and Music.

Minute of Listening is a creative learning project through which Sound and Music hopes to enable every child in the country to gain access to a huge diversity of music and sound and, for sixty seconds each day, to focus on the richness and enjoyment of the act of listening.

The Liminal | Touch.30 interview

The Liminal's Scott McMillan writes: "In 1982, Touch was established by Jon Wozencroft, Mike Harding, Andrew McKenzie and Gary Mouat. Pointedly not a record label, they initially produced audiovisual magazines, in which the images and text were given as much prominence as the music on their cassette compilations. Over the years, they have moved onto releasing vinyl, CDs, and digital downloads, by artists such as Fennesz, Chris Watson, Philip Jeck, Phill Niblock and Oren Ambarchi, but their ethos is as it was when they first started.

"Touch remains under the curatorship of Jon Wozencroft and Mike Harding. To mark the beginning of their 30th anniversary, which will feature a number of events around Europe and the US, they agreed to be interviewed by The Liminal, the first time they have been interviewed together for over ten years. Given that the number three is of symbolic importance to Touch, it seems appropriate that this interview will run in three parts."

Read Part One of the interview at
Read Part Two of the interview at
Read Part Three of the interview at

Touch Radio 72 | Bells!

23.12.11 - Bells! – 25:39 - 192 kbps

Recorded in the belltower of St. Mary's Church, Walthamstow on 30th November 2011. With thanks to Denis Hewitt & Ewan Marshall.

Subscribe to the TouchPod podcast of TouchRadio via the iTunes Music Store
Play "Bells!"

Tone 45.4 | Jana Winderen "Debris"

12" White Label vinyl + 320 kbps MP3 download of the tracks
Cut by Jason @ Transition

Track listing:
Side A: Scuttling Around in the Shallows 11:25
Side B: Drying Out in the Sun 16:01

The fourth in the series of limited edition vinyl in the Tone 45 series. 100 copies only are available in the TouchShop...

Scuttling Around in the Shallows is from the quadrophonic installation of the same name showed at Galerie B-312, Montreal, Canada 8th January - 5th February 2011.

Drying Out in the Sun is from a four-speaker outdoor public installation at "Starfield Simulation #36", Scaniaparken in Malmö, Sweden, 4th September - 2nd October 2011.

Buy Jana Winderen "Débris" [LP] in the TouchShop

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