Touch, February 2012

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Touch Radio 75 | autodigest

14.02.12 - Unlearn All Languages in 15 Minutes - 15:00 - 192 kbps

Volume five in an ongoing series.
Self-assembled and reversed in February 2012.
Photography: Heitor Alvelos

Why not pay a humble tribute to the golden age of backmasking? Once upon a time, radio DJs would go up in flames accusing pop records of containing satanic messages woven backwards onto the groove. These would then supposedly make their way onto your teenage subconscious, and from its depths command you to do very bad things.

Echoes of the Altamont and Manson traumas aside, it was all a bit naive when compared to the magnitude of the very shady side of the entertainment industry nowadays, where worthwhile pop music once again becomes demonised: the recent, heavy policy proposals against online piracy, the terrorist-like shutdown of megaupload, the steamroller-like production-line of prime-time karaoke, the pervasive disgust of auto-tuning, the endless parade of cute iGadgets valiantly ignoring the abyss of over-consumption and worldwide economic meltdown.

Hubris, Icarus, Tower of Babel... Some say the future is once again in the local. Let's just forget all those un-local languages, then. Press play, unlearn them all, quickly and painlessly. Bliss.

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Touch.30 | Radio SOM #24: Touch Non Stop

Sweden's Soundofmusic are broadcasting "Touch Non Stop", a 90 minute online mix to celebrate Touch.30, featuring tracks from 1982s ”The New Nubian” by Soliman Gamil (from Touch's first ever edition, Feature Mist) through to the most recent releases, and all points in-between.

Visit for more on Touch.30
Click here to listen to "Touch Non Stop"

7.3.2012 | Touch.30 Live - Chris Watson "A Journey South", Leeds

Chris Watson - A Journey South
Old Broadcasting House, Leeds, England 7th March

6:00pm : Drinks, snacks & chats
7:00pm : An Introduction by Mike Harding of Touch
7:10pm : A Journey South, with Chris Watson
8:30pm : Q&A
9:00pm : Close

(This event has now sold out)

Touch.30, in conjunction with the Oates100 Campaign and nti Leeds present an audio-visual journey to the South Pole with Chris Watson.

As part of the team for the David Attenborough BBC series "Frozen Planet", Chris travelled to Antarctica to record the ambient sounds, the wildlife, the water - even the groaning of a glacier as it moves. Chris talks about his experiences there and brings the remotest continent to life with his stunning recordings.

Chris is is one of the world's leading recorders of wildlife and natural phenomena. His recordings are used in TV, Radio and Film including contributions to the award-winning re-release of "A Great White Silence", originally filmed during Captain Scott's ill-fated expedition to the South Pole.

For Touch he edits his field recordings into a filmic narrative released on CD & Vinyl, such as his latest release "El Tren Fantasma"; viewed by one reviewer as "a benchmark in field recording not to mention a map of the soul, an insight into the human condition and a key to dreams".

Chris has characterised his work as "putting microphones where you can't put your ears" - come along to experience the incredible surround-sound results for yourself. This is part of a series of events intended to commemorate Captain Lawrence “Titus” Oates, who sacrificed himself 100 years ago in an effort to save the lives of his fellow explorers during Captain Scott's attempt to be the first to the South Pole.

Generously hosted by nti Leeds at Old Broadcasting House with equipment loaned from Leeds Metropolitan University, this is a unique event to commemorate a true Leeds hero.

Event details for Chris Watson "A Journey South"
Directions and parking:
All profits go to: Help For Heroes

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