Early cassette culture 1: T1 - T5
Early cassette culture 2: T33 - T33.4/T33.7-9 & TO:7C
Early cassette culture 3: TO:1 - TO:2 & TO:4/TOC:1 & TO:C2

Between 1982 and 1986, Touch released a series of cassette magazines which were packaged either in clear plastic wallets, or bespoke cardboard wallets, except for Meridians One, which appeared as a standard cassette with extended inlay card. Here for the historical record are the front cover artwork, the audio & visual content, and notes. All are out of print, of course. The contents and credits are copied directly from the productions themselves.




Feature Mist [T1]

Side One

Vladimir Mayakovsky: Final Verse, "Last Poem"
New Order: Video 586 - 1
Soliman Gamil: The New Nubia
Robert Wyatt, from an interview
The Death & Beauty Foundation: Song of the Houseproud Ghost
Hans Eisler/Mayakovsky: Subbotnik
Eric Random Meets the Bedlamites In Cassette Conference

Side Two

Simple Minds: King Is White
Tuxedomoon: Shelved Dreams
Shostakovitch: Waltz from 'The Bedbug'
New Order: Video 586 -2
Flesh : Hesitate

Audio notes:

"Last Poem" read by Ian McCurragh. "Video 5-8-6" written and produced by New Order, initially as soundtrack to the opening of The Hacienda in Manchester, England. "The New Nubia" courtesy of The Egyptian Cultural Embassy. The Death And Beauty Foundation by Val Denham and A.M.McKenzie. Hans Eisler and Vladimir Mayakovsky recording courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art, Oxford. The Bedlamites on this occasion were Wayne, Dids and Lyn Seed. Simple Minds produced and engineered by Peter Walsh; licensed by Virgin Records Ltd. Tuxedomoon-Peter Principle, Steven Brown, Blaine L. Reininger-mixed and engineered by Gilles Martin; text by Blaine L. Reininger. Shostakovitch arranged by Gerard McBurney; performed by Kathron Sturrock (piano), Horoutune Bedilian (Violin), Elizabeth Wilson (cello), and recorded live at the Riverside Studios. "Hesitate" composed and recorded by George Handleigh and A.M.McKenzie.

Visual content:

A5 32pp booklet featured the work of Keith Breeden, Neville Brody, Panny Charrington, Malcolm Garrett, Hipgnosis and Ian Wright, with manifestos by The Death And Beauty Foundation and The Temple Ov Psychick Youth (written by David Tibet). Also published were The Rozztox Manifesto (by Gary Panter / The Residents), "Vladimir Mayakovsky" by Alan Reid, Norrie MacLaren's "Video Column", "The New Nubia", and Your Guide To Naming A Pop Group, "Nominal Success" by Shirley Ellis. Cover photography by Panny Charrington.

Feature Mist was produced by A.M.McKenzie, Garry Mouat and Jon Wozencroft with the assistance of Michael Harding. A cassette-only edition was remastered in March 1986.




Meridians One [T2]

Side One

Matador! - Nowever, Ornever
AC Marias - The Whispered Year
sigil one
Pascal Gabriel - Machu-Picchu
mother earth film music
Touch 33 - Oral Tradition
Graham Lewis - He Said "Argh..."
John Foxx - The Quiet Man 4
Simon F. Turner - Wash

Side Two

sigil two
Current 93 - Salt
Touch 33 - The Crucible
Test Department - Efficiency
S/Z - Text
The Pathfinders - Long Shadows
NOTi - Diagnosis
sigil three
Ludus - Corpse Candle

Produced by Harding/McKenzie/Mouat/Wozencroft


Meridians Two [T3]

Side Three

Wendy Chambers - Star Spangled Banner
400 Blows - 399 To Go
A Certain Ratio - Si-Fermir-Ogrido
masse;rebel (behind the front line)
Deux Filles - Airium
The Nocturnal Emissions - Body Count
Jean Tinguely - Meta-Harmonie 11
Derek Jarman - Archeology of Sound
Matador! - Mother Earth Film Music

Side Four

John Foxx - The Quiet Man 3
Bruce Gilbert - Children
Virginia Astley - When the Fields were on Fire
Gorp - Give Me the Moonlight
Pure - Disconnected
Touch 33 - ai
Mulligan & Smith - Walk on By

Audio notes:

400 Blows are Andrew E. Beer & Alexander S. Fraser. Courtesy of Concrete Productions. Deux Filles are Gemini Forque & Claudine Coule. Saxophone on ai - Geoff Blyth. Walk on By - Bacharach & David, arranged by Mulligan & N. Smith - courtesy of De Stijl.

Visual content:

Contributions by Panny Charrington, Neville Brody & Chris Moretone, Graham Elliot, Russell Mills, John Foxx, Peter Saville, Tom Aldam, Wolfram Jacob, Caroline K, Mooie Charrington, Linder, Brett Wickens, Steven Appleby, Jon Barraclough and Malcolm Garrett & Roger Cleghorn.

"Touch can be anything it desires, from words to music to images. Each medium received equal opportunity and the only necessary pre-item is conviction with tolerance. No two items are alike. Sameness is anathema. Quality is only born of change and that stimulus is the real motivation."

P.V.C. wallets by P.R. Hunter (Plastics) Ltd. Screen printing by Art-O-Matic. Typeset in Clarendon, Optima & Palatino by Focus Photoset Ltd. Full colour printing by Miter Press Ltd. Cover printing by Owlhouse Partnership.

Produced by Harding/McKenzie/Mouat/Wozencroft




Touch Travel [T4]

Side One

Eithne Ni Bhraonain - An Ghaoth O'n Ghrian (The Solar Wind)
Scene Two
General Strike - My Other Body
Brian Gulland & Frank Ricotti - Journey
Swastika Bells
1000 Mexicans - Trans-Astrakhan (Seeing The World)
Body Talk
Old Silk Route - Pig Slaughter
3 Mustaphas 3 - Bam/Tsifteteli
Quimantu - Interview
Yanomamô Shamanism featuring David Toop
Köln Peals
Old Silk Route - Mule Bells
Eithne Ni Bhraonain - Miss Clare Remembers

Side Two

33 - Notes From The Underground
Andrew Poppy - But Does Winston Own A Straw Hat (Part 2)
General Strike - Snowdrops
Quimantu - Despedida De Salta
Jon Keliehor & The Percussion Research Ensemble - The Trance Formations
Piedro Insipiedo - Creature Loves Sun
Corrugated Rain
Cremation Gamelan - Fires In Peliatan
Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart - Tribal
Mind The Gap

Produced by Harding/Mouat/Wozencroft. Design: Garry Mouat and Neville Brody.
Cassette production directed by Rob Keyloch. Master tapes supplied by The Playback Studios.

Contributors: Peter J. Bach, Neville Brody, Mooie Charrington, Panny Charrington, Kasper de Graaf, John England, John Forsyth, Yvonne Forward, Malcolm Garrett, Carrie Greenaway, Mike Harding, Rob Keyloch, Ben Mandelson, Norrie MacLaren, Andrew McKenzie, Chris Moretone, Garry Mouat, Jill Mumford, Ben Murphy, Fachtna O'Kelly, Tony Reason, D. Styme, Sheila Rock, Kevin Ward, Damian Wayling & Jon Wozencroft.




Ritual: Magnetic North [T5]


x face

Within Living Memory
Regular Music - Purcell Manœuvres
Margaret Sambell - Metal Harmonics
S/Z - Call It Power
Gilbert And George - The World Of...
Biting Tongues - Feverhouse
Einstürzende Neubauten - Das Letzte Biest Am Himmel
Kent and Sayer - Memory Ground
The Nocturnal Emissions - Um Eh Eh Eh
Renaldo And The Loaf - Extracting the Re-Re
Kill Ugly Pop - One Minute Of Pure Venom
Strafe Für Rebellion - Rauperaha (Song Of The Maori Rebellion)
Fast Forward - Mamba
David Cunningham - Two Different Places
Touch 33 - North Star

y face

The Residents - Theme For An American TV Show
Gilbert And George - Shadowed Valley
Camberwell Now - Daddy Needs A Throne
Wolfgang Wiggurs - Casting Of The Skin
Cabaret Voltaire - Diffusion
Gregorio Spini - Passing
Japanese For Monks
Last Few Days - Too Much Is Not Enough
Zazou And Bikaye - Signorina
Val Denham/tape treatments by A.M.McKenzie - I Touched The Memory
Gilbert And George - Another World Of...
Ricardo Mandolini - Canción De Madera Y Agua (Song Of Wood And Water)
Greater Than One - Urban Psychology
S/Z - Who Is The Author
Touch 33 - Greenhouse Effect
Silent Tongues - Sadhu Ritual Chant

Edited by Jon Wozencroft; Published by M Harding; Designed by Panni Charrington. Thanks to Rob Keyloch for editorial and production directions on mastering the cassette in April and November 1985.
Typesetting by The Printed Word, London. Printed by Sprinting. Colour reproduction by The Clifton Studio and Patina. Texts set in Albertus , Bodoni, Garamond, Futura, Zapf, Perpetua and Plantin.


A cassette-only version of the above was released in 1986 as:


The celebrity is a person tuned into an abstract. Their status has little to do with their achievement (or lack of it) but everything to do with their ability to fit in with the demands of the new mass media ritual. This involves availability, accessibility, pliability and respectability - 'shocking' people are carefully dropped in to add spice or to populate ghettos. As they parade across the surface of the electronic media, celebrities become symbols (and, occasionally, victims), members of the televisual elite encouraging emulation and aspiration - the modern call to prayer.

[Jon Savage]

Audio content and notes: T5c = T5