January 2009 Touch NewsLetter

Welcome to the January 2009 Touch Newsletter. A positive start to the year sees a new TouchRadio; information about soon to be deleted Touch items which you might like to snap up from the TouchShop; a new subscription service for CD and Vinyl; advance notice about the Touch night at London's The Roundhouse in May; and two new releases to follow by the end of the month...

Jana Winderen - Heated: Live in Japan

Touch # Tone 36
Limited Edition CD - 2 tracks - 27:54

CD in full colour wallet
Artwork and photography by Jon Wozencroft

Live performance at Super Deluxe, Tokyo, 24th October 2008. Source material recorded with 2 x 8011 DPA hydrophones, 2 x DolphinEAR/PRO hydrophones and 2 x 4060 DPA microphones on a Sound Devices 744T recorder in Greenland, Iceland and Norway.

Track Listing
1. Tetsuro Yasunaga 1:25
2. Jana Winderen 26:29

Following Tetsuro Yasunaga's spoken word introduction, here unfolds Jana Winderen's blistering live set from her recent trip to Japan as part of 'Norwegian Music Today'. Her first CD, Heated follows her only other release to date, a 7" vinyl limited edition, Surface Runoff, on Autofact [USA, 2008]. Improvising from recordings taken on field research trips, she forces the power of the hidden to the surface, making the unheard audible. Its a strange world down there; a world of which we know little, replete with its own instrumentation and orchestras. Tapping into these, Jana's vision encourages us to explore the fertility of the oceans...

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Philip Jeck - Suite: Live in Liverpool

Autofact / Touch # FACT 11 / Tone 29
Limited Edition Vinyl LP - 5 tracks

An Autofact/Touch co-release
Design and photography by Jon Wozencroft

Recorded at Hive, FACT, Liverpool on 25th October 2006 as part of Touch 25, live to a M-Audio Mictrotrack 24/96. Edited by Philip Jeck April 2007. Cut by Jason at Transition 14th May 2007 on a Neumann VSM 70.

Track Listing
A1. Press
A2. Intro Roll
B1. Live With Errors
B2. All That's Allowed
B3. Chime, Chime

Finally, after a painful gestation period... Suite: Live in Liverpool follows Philip Jeck's acclaimed collaboration with Gavin Bryars and Alter Ego on a new version of The Sinking of the Titanic. It is the companion release to his latest solo album, Sand, which was voted number two Album of the Year 2008 in The Wire; a set of five new compositions that highlight Jeck's mastery of vinyl manipulation, personal and collective memories.

Suite is at once elegiac, celebrational, mournful and uplifting. Those who have followed Jeck's development since his first release, "Loopholes" (Touch TO:26) will observe his return to the industrial textures that coloured that collection, though here they are fused with his symphonic grace and continued development as a composer and live performer.

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Touch Live at The Roundhouse | 16th May 2009

Touch presents, as part of The Short Circuit Festival:

Philip Jeck [UK] and the Gavin Bryars Ensemble [UK/FR] - "The Sinking of the Titanic"
Biosphere [NO]
Hildur Gudnadóttir [IS] & BJNilsen [SE]

Information regarding tickets will be announced soon.


Touch Subscriptions

Back by popular demand!

We are offering a Subscription Service, whereby a lump-sum payment guarantees you all Touch releases at a 10% discount [until the subscription needs renewing, then the process starts all over again], a special free download or streaming service only open to subscribers, first option on other exclusive releases, a dedicated occasional newsletter, discount on back catalogue items and more...

You can top-up your account at any time; contact subscriptions@touchmusic.org.uk with your request.

We do hope you will take advantage of this service; not only does it offer you value for money, saves you having to repeatedly order new items in the TouchShop, but you also receive exclusive offers.

Touch subscription: CD only
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Touch subscription: all formats

Touch Radio 38 | Philip Marshall

02.01.09 - Ost - 14:21 - 192 kpbs

An edited version of the track "Ghost", commissioned as part of "The Space Between Seeing and Knowing is Haunted," an exhibition curated by D-L Alvarez at Exile and Arratia, Beer, Berlin [07.02.2009 - 04.04.2009]. Arranged and produced by Philip Marshall. Voices sourced from "The Ghost Orchid - an Introduction to EVP" [PARC, 1999]. Rain recordings courtesy of Dale Cornish.


As a result of Pinnacle distribution's bankruptcy, we have received, in very limited quantities, some out-of-print stock. These items are now available again in the TouchShop. Once sold, these items are unlikely to come back into stock in the near future...

Hazard | Fennesz | Biosphere - Light

Philip Jeck | Jacob Kirkegaard - Soaked

Ryoji Ikeda - op.

BJNilsen - Fade to White

Biosphere - Dropsonde [Vinyl LP]

Fennesz - Black Sea [Japanese Editon]

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