February 2009 Touch NewsLetter

Welcome to the February 2009 Touch NewsLetter. Below, details of our latest editions - Nana April Jun's The Ontology of Noise [CD] and Philip Marshall's Three Questions and an Answer [Cassette], as well as advance warning of two Touch live events in London during the Spring.

Nana April Jun - The Ontology of Noise

Touch # Tone 37
5 tracks - 36:39

CD in Digipak
Cover art: Jon Wozencroft

Track Listing
1. The One Substance
2. Process Philosophy
3. Space-Time Continuum
4. Semantic Shift
5. Sun Wind Darkness Eye

The Ontology of Noise researches the dark associations of post-black metal. No traditional instruments are used on the album and all techniques are digital in their application. There are almost no arrangements or layers, but the pieces consist of single streams which change intuitively. This makes The Ontology of Noise a concrete journey through an abstract language evolving around light and darkness, nature and artificiality, and sometimes even takes the form of a sound very similar to an electric guitar...

The Ontology of Noise explores the filmic qualities of noise - the image-creating mechanisms that arise almost hallucinogenically from subtle variations of frequences. By using a special set of digital mastering and filtering techniques, the recordings often sound very much like the sounds of nature; wind in trees and water. The Ontology of Noise opens up an audial perception for these sounds of nature and ask questions about their ontology...

[ref: Burzum's Filosofem]

Nana April Jun is one of the personas of Christofer Lämgren (b 1974), a visual artist, composer and art magazine YKKY [www.ykky.se] editor/curator based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

You may download a free mp3 of The One Substance by clicking here.

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Cassette culture

As you may know, Touch's first releases were on cassette - now officially a dead format.

Since then, there has been an ever-growing underground culture, releasing obscure music in this obscure format. TouchShop has some cassettes in stock.

The first of our recent revisits back to this culture was the Batbox Orchestra release on iDEAL. Our second is listed in detail below; Philip Marshall designs and maintains the Touch website and this is his debut release on Ash International.

Cassettes in the TouchShop

Philip Marshall - Three Questions and an Answer

Ash Internation # Ash 7.5
Cassette only, in a limited edition of 104 copies.

Angel c/w Ghost

Commissioned as part of "Psychometry", an exhibition curated by D-L Alvarez at Exile and Arratia, Beer, Berlin [07.02.2009 - 04.04.2009]. Arranged and produced by Philip Marshall. Voices sourced from "The Ghost Orchid - an Introduction to EVP" [PARC, 1999]. Rain recordings courtesy of Dale Cornish. Photography by Eddie Nuttall.

An immersive elegy to the noises that you never notice. The ghosts of our time found, easily and not-so-easily, in the everyday.

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Touch Presents... at The Roundhouse | 16th May 2009

Touch presents, as part of The Short Circuit Festival:

Philip Jeck [UK] and the Gavin Bryars Ensemble [UK/FR] - "The Sinking of the Titanic"
Biosphere [NO]
Hildur Gudnadóttir [IS] & BJNilsen [SE]

+ a multi-channel installation by Chris Watson
+ in the bar, Sheikh Ahmed selecting sounds from the Touch catalogue

Further information at www.roundhouse.org.uk
Book tickets online

Touch Presents... at The Queen Elizabeth Hall | 21st April 2009

Touch presents, as part of Ether 09:

Fennesz [AT]
Rosy Parlane - T.B.C. [NZ]
CM von Hausswolff [SE]

Further information and online booking at www.southbankcentre.co.uk

Back in stock in the TouchShop

Stoke, the long out-of-print album by Philip Jeck, has been repressed and is now available again in the TouchShop. Also back in stock: the 2004 album by Fennesz, Venice.

Philip Jeck - Stoke [CD]

Fennesz - Venice [CD]

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