October 2009 Touch Newsletter

Welcome to the thirty-third Touch Newsletter. Not only is Phill Niblock's long-awaited new double CD, "Touch Strings", now available, he is also playing live in London during October.

Please be upstanding for Ash 7.8 by START!. "The National Anthem of Elgaland-Vargaland #6" is the fourth in a series of acoustic vinyl versions of the KREV anthem, composed by King Leif Elggren and King Carl Michael von Hausswolff.

Our friends at The Tapeworm have two new releases for you. Also, on 19.11.09 a live happening, "The Night of the Long Worms", at London's Café Oto.

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TO:79 - Phill Niblock "Touch Strings"

2xCD Album

Artwork: Jon Wozencroft
Photography: Phill Niblock

Track listing:
CDOne - 59:03 (6 tracks)
1-6: Stosspeng (59 minutes)
Susan Stenger and Robert Poss, guitars and bass guitars

CDTwo - 69:28 (6 tracks)
1: Poure (23:30)
Arne Deforce, cello
2-6: One Large Rose (45:55 minutes)
The Nelly Boyd Ensemble, Hamburg - Robert Engelbrecht, cello; Jan Feddersen, piano strummed
with nylon strings; Peter Imig, violin; Jens Roehm, acoustic bass guitar strummed with nylon strings
or e-bow

This is Phill Niblock's 4th release on Touch, after Touch Works... [TO:49, 2000], Touch Food [TO:59, 2003] and Touch Three [TO:69, 2006].

"Stosspeng was completed in April 2007; Poure in September 2008 and One Large Rose in May 2008. The Stosspeng recording session to obtain the materials for the piece was on December 20 2006 at Robert Poss's Trace Elements studio on E 4th Street and Ave A, in New York. Robert was the engineer. The piece was completed using Protools in April 2007, in Vienna, Austria. It was premiered at the Donau Festival in Krems Austria on April 30 2007.

The material for Poure was recorded in Johan Vandermaelen's Amplus studio in Aaigem Belgium, with technical assistance by Guy De Bievre. Much of the construction of the piece, in Protools, was done in a residency at Atelier Azur in Hoenefoss, Norway at the Hval Station, in mid August 2008. It was finished in Ellen Fullman's studio in Berkeley California on September 7. It was premiered at Kasteel Schuurlo, Sint-Maria-Aalter, Belgium on September 12 2008 and it was commissioned by the Centre de Recherches et de Formation Musicales de Wallonie, CRFMW, Liege, Belgium.

One Large Rose was made with the musicians playing from a score, and recorded acoustically and in real time. There are four recordings of 46 minutes each, superimposed. Recorded by Jens Roehm at Christianskirche, Hamburg, Germany, recording assistance by Julia Berg, on May 15 and 16 2008. Mixing was done by Jens Roehm and the ensemble in Hamburg, and the final mix was done in New York at Experimental Intermedia on October 13 2008.

The mastering for CD, of all pieces, was done by Tom Hamilton, in New York."
Phill Niblock, August 2009

Phill Niblock plays London's Serpentine Gallery Pavilion on 9th October and Café Oto on 11th October. Visit www.serpentinegallery.org or www.cafeoto.co.uk for further details and to purchase tickets.

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Ash 7.8 | START! - The National Anthem of Elgaland-Vargaland #6

Three-track 7" of The National Anthem of Elgaland-Vargaland #6

This 7" is the fourth in a series of vinyl acoustic versions of the National Anthems of Elgaland-Vargaland. See also the Mariachi version [Ash 7.2], the Klezmer and Afrobeat versions [Ash 7.4], and the Norwegian School Marching Band and Underwater versions [Ash 7.6], issued between 2007 - 2008 by Ash International.

These recordings were regally made during the unofficial inauguration of the KREV Ministry of Bankrupt Shopping Malls in Porto, Portugal, on October 10, 2008, in the presence of the KREV Ambassadors Mike Harding and Heitor Alvelos. Mixed by: Anselmo Canha, Heitor Alvelos, Mike Harding and Philip Marshall. Cut by Jason at Transition. Sleeve photography: Heitor Alvelos and Anselmo Canha.

Genuflections to the Future Places digital media festival, University of Porto Masters in Image Design and the University of Texas in Austin, and Transmedia Brussels.

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START! - The National Anthem of Elgaland-Vargaland #6

START! - The National Anthem of Elgaland-Vargaland #6 [7" Vinyl Only]

The KREV National Anthem #5 c/w The KREV Underwater National Anthem

The KREV National Anthem #5 c/w The KREV Underwater National Anthem [7" Vinyl Only]

Kabukabu & Klezmer Chidesch perform The National Anthem Nos. 3 & 4

Kabukabu & Klezmer Chidesch perform The National Anthem Nos. 3 & 4 [7" Vinyl Only]

The National Anthem No. 2 - The Mariachi version...

The National Anthem No. 2 - The Mariachi version... [7" Vinyl Only]

8-11PM - Thursday 19.xi.09
at Café Oto - London E8 3DL

London Town's new cassette-only label, The Tapeworm, presents its first live event, "The Night of the Long Worms", at Dalston's hottest of hotspots, Café Oto.

Travelling all the way from Sweden are Leif Elggren and iDEAL's Joachim Nordwall. The Atlantic Isles are represented by Baraclough, Philip Jeck, Meltaot, Souls on Board (with Bruce Gilbert) and Simon Fisher Turner, plus special guests...

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TTW#05 - The Van Patterson Quartet "Live at F.W."

Cassette only - limited edition of 250 copies

Track listing:
A: Part One - 22m18s
B: Part Two - 17m27s

Cover features an illustration by SaxX, after Martin Sharp.

Who on earth are The Van Patterson Quartet? The Tapeworm stumbled upon the lost psych rock recording, "Live at F.W." by The Van Patterson Quartet, late during a sleepless night. A link started a chain of events... the Wormery would not sleep until the answer had been found!

"Who on earth are The Van Patterson Quartet?" we asked ourselves... We sent out feelers via our contacts. We waited. Replies came back - digital shrugs, all expressing a deep fascination that something sounding so splendid could remain unearthed for so long. Then, "Mr. Big" stepped in. Quite by chance, he was neighbours with one of the band. Such serendipity. He hooked us up. Letters were written, requests made, permissions granted, and a few short weeks later a copy of "Live at F.W.", mailed with a blurry Polaroid, landed on our desk. We sat back, and listened properly for the first time. We were blown away. We had just been given possibly the last great unreleased psych rock recording.

Who on earth are The Van Patterson Quartet? This recording dates, we believe, from the late 60s. It features this hitherto unknown band in full flight, live. It needs to be heard to be believed. Funky, fuzzed-up, flipped-out, fucked and fried. Forty minutes of hallucinating Hammond and ferocious feedback. That's who they are...

The Van Patterson Quartet's "Live at F.W." in the TouchShop
Release details on www.tapeworm.org.uk

TTW#06 - Derek Jarman "In Conversation, 1979-80"

Cassette only - limited edition of 250 copies

Track listing:
Part One - 42m15s
B: Part Two - 40m08s

Released with the kind permission of Keith Collins. Cover illustration - "A Drawing for Tempest" (1969) by Derek Jarman, courtesy of Richard Torry.

Three interviews with Derek Jarman, conducted by Richard Torry in London's Soho district, in 1979 and 1980. Edited by Richard Torry in 2009. These interviews were recorded by Torry as part of research for his finals dissertation at Middlesex Polytechnic, and have remained unissued since then.

Their informality offers a uniquely candid insight into the filmmaker's world view.

The artwork for this edition features a drawing by Jarman himself, gifted to Torry at the same time as these interviews were recorded.

Derek Jarman with Richard Torry - "In Conversation, 1979-80" in the TouchShop
Release details on www.tapeworm.org.uk

Warning: fake Biosphere "Solar Systems" release

Touch, Biosphere's Geir Jenssen, his label Biophon Records and his publishers Touch Music would like to warn fans of a release by another artist who has decided to assume the name Biosphere, too...

Touch strongly advise fans of Biosphere to avoid buying this release. Any official Biosphere releases will be announced on Touch's site or www.biosphere.no.

Biophon Records writes: "We have noticed that there is some confusion on an album release called Solar Systems by an artist using the name Biosphere. Please be aware that this is NOT a Biosphere release. It's a cheap Trance album (German style...) written by somebody we believe is Canadan. and released by the Canadian label Hopeful Tragedy Records."


New in stock, Leif Elggren and Michael Esposito's "Fire Station 6" - further studies in EVP, released by Firework Edition Records with cover art by Ash International Recovery Services [Ash 7.3]. Also available, "The Ghost Orchid", narrated by Elggren. This CD release seeks to present the evidence; are EVP voices extraterrestrial, paranormal evidence of our telepathic powers or an elaborate hoax perpetrated by sinister and powerful groups to mislead us from their true aims...?

Leif Elggren/Michael Esposito - Fire Station 6

Leif Elggren/Michael Esposito - Fire Station 6 [CD]

The Ghost Orchid - An Introduction to EVP

The Ghost Orchid - An Introduction to EVP [CD, 3rd Edition]

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