February 2010 Touch Newsletter

Welcome to the thirty-ninth Touch Newsletter. Biosphere makes a return appearance, with two editions this month. The first, a digital video edition, designed to be viewed on your iPod or iPhone. The second, a live recording contribution to TouchRadio.

The Tapeworm has two delightful new tapes for you. The first is by the drone duo of Lasse Marhaug and Jon Wesseltoft, in their Tongues of Mount Meru guise. The second by Berlin-based artist, Panorama Bar DJ and Macro Rec head-honcho, Stefan Goldmann.

Philip Jeck and Hildur Gudnadóttir perform live in London at the end of the month as part of the Arctic Circle's "The Resonance of Music with Water" season.

Finally, TouchShop has limited copies of out-of-stock items returned from a distributor, including rare releases by New Order, Philip Jeck and Mika Vainio. Hurry now while stocks last.


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Touch Radio 48 | Biosphere

01.02.10 - Live in Den Haag - 37:05 - 192 kbps

Born in Tromso (Norway), Geir Jenssen is better known as Biosphere, a key figure in contemporary Norwegian music. In 1992, Jenssen shot to fame with his Biosphere-debut album "Microgravity", becoming one of the pioneering ambient artists from the 90's. He was one of the first to come up with the mix of soundscapes, voice samples and atmospheric noise with trancey melodies and solid beats.

Touch Live on September 26th 2009 at Todaysart 09, Den Haag featured Biosphere, Philip Jeck, Hildur Gudnadottir, Jana Winderen & The Eternal Chord. Biosphere gave an intimate performance in the Lutherse Kerk, a very small church.

Recorded straight from the mixing desk to an Ares Pll Nagra digital recorder.

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T-Phone 1 - Biosphere "Outside By The Fjord"

1 track .m4v video, digital download for iPod/iPhone

Track listing:

1: Outside By The Fjord - 25m09s

From a field recording trip in Sorfjorden, near Tromso, Norway.
Commissioned by Fondazione Musica per Roma, 2008.

Touch and Ash International commence the new year with a series of digital video editions, designed to be viewed on your iPod or iPhone - four short-format downloads in .m4v format from Biosphere, Paul Williams and Stephan Mathieu, with a Jana Winderen contribution to follow soon.

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The Tapeworm's news

The Tapeworm spent January speaking its brains out to anyone who would listen. BBC Radio 4's PM show talked with the Wyrm: hear here. Further reading: news.bbc.co.uk. The Worms infested Jonny Mugwump's Exotic Pylon show on ResonanceFM: archived here, plus playlist. Finally, The Tapeworm was profiled in Issue #312 of Wire magazine.

The Tapeworm is now thoroughly bored with the sound of its own voice...
Hey! Let's release some tapes, instead!

TTW#11 - Tongues of Mount Meru "The Delight of Assembly"

Cassette only - limited edition of 250 copies

Track listing:
A: Part One - 18m48s
B: Part Two - 17m44s

Performed by Jon Wesseltoft and Lasse Marhaug - Oslo, Norway, 2008.
Illustration - SavX.

"New project of Lasse Marhaug and Jon Wesseltoft; Marhaug is known from the noise scene, Wesseltoft for his work with black metal legends Thorns. As Tongues Of Mount Meru, they join forces to pursue a mutual passion for drone music."

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Release details on www.tapeworm.org.uk

TTW#12 - Stefan Goldmann "Haven't I Seen You Before"

Cassette only - limited edition of 250 copies

Track listing:
A1: The Eyes of Jesus Christ (Left Eye)
A2: 2005
A3: Spouse
A4: Wastelands (Version A)
A5: Enclosures (Part 1)
B1: Enclosures (Part 2)
B2: Wastelands (Version B)
B3: Lover
B4: 7513
B5: The Eyes of Jesus Christ (Right Eye)

Written, performed and produced by Stefan Goldmann at The Resonance, Berlin, Germany. Press "REV" on your autoreverse deck at any time to enter the loop... Illustration - grohs.

Stefan Goldmann is an artist based in Berlin. He runs the Macro label and holds a DJ residency at Panorama Bar. His work ranges from genre-bending techno hits ("Sleepy Hollow" / "Lunatic Fringe") to electroacoustic concept albums ("Voices Of The Dead") and a CD-length edit of Igor Stravinsky's "Le Sacre Du Printemps".

Stefan Goldmann will be presenting "Haven't I Seen You Before" at the Elektroakustischer Salon, Berghain, Berlin on 25.02.10. Also in performance: Mika Vainio and Antoine Chessex.

Buy Stefan Goldmann "Haven't I Seen You Before" in the TouchShop
Release details on www.tapeworm.org.uk

Philip Jeck & Hildur Gudnadóttir live in London | February 2010

Arctic Circle - The Resonance of Music with Water
Kings Place, 80 York Way, London NW1

Wednesday 24th February 2010
Philip Jeck
Time: 20:00
Venue: Hall One

An Ark for the Listener, a new work inspired by Gerard Manley Hopkins' poem The Wreck Of The Deutschland.

"An aspiration in answer to an inspiration,
out of music shaped by all the sea has claimed,
as is the inevitable shipwreck of our existence.
Salvaged out of vinyl, by way of ear, hand and electricity."

"And I have asked to be... out of the swing of the sea." (G M Hopkins)

Thursday 25 February
Hauschka with Hildur Gudnadóttir
Time: 20:00
Venue: Hall One

Haushka is the alias of Dusseldorf keyboardist Volker Bertelman. His critically-acclaimed albums on the 130701 imprint evince a playfully accessible approach to the often austere realm of the prepared piano. Haushka is joined tonight by gifted Icelandic cellist Hildur Gudnadóttir for a major new, aquatically-themed commission.

Saturday 27 February
Hildur Gudnadóttir
Time: 19:00
Venue: Hall One

Icelandic cellist Hildur Gudnadóttir has collaborated with the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Múm and Haushka. She released her debut solo album in 2007. An electronic-tinged follow-up, Without Sinking, appeared in 2009 on the Touch label.

More info and tickets at www.kingsplace.co.uk


We have limited copies of the following out-of-stock items returned from a distributor.
Hurry now while stocks last:

New Order - Video 5-8-6 [CDEP]

New Order - Video 5-8-6 [CDEP]

Various Artists - Touch 00 [CD]

Various Artists - Touch 00 [CD]

Philip Jeck - 7 [CD]

Philip Jeck - 7 [CD]

Philip Jeck/Jacob Kirkegaard - Soaked [CD]

Philip Jeck/Jacob Kirkegaard - Soaked [CD]

Jacob Kirkegaard - Eldfjall [CD]

Jacob Kirkegaard - Eldfjall [CD]

Mika Vainio - In the Land of the Blind One-Eyed is King [CD]

Mika Vainio - In the Land of the Blind One-Eyed is King [CD]

BJNilsen - The Short Night [CD]

BJNilsen - The Short Night [CD]

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