August 2010 Touch Newsletter #2

Welcome to the 49th Touch Newsletter. Hildur Gudnadóttir's "Mount A", once described as "the perfect soundtrack to get lost in a forest at night" has been reissued by Touch. Remastered by Denis Blackham, it now sounds fresher and better than ever.

Touch presents events in Berlin and Seoul this autumn. Details on both can be read below.

"East African Nocturne" is the first live collaboration between American musician, sound artist and poet Z'EV and sound recordist and founding member of electronic music pioneers Cabaret Voltaire, Chris Watson. The premiere performance of this 45 minute live sound mix will be an exceptional, captivating sensory experience, mixing experimental industrial music and sounds recorded from nature. Full details below.

Plus a round-up of recent releases on Touch, Ash International and The Tapeworm.


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Tone 41 | Hildur Gudnadóttir "Mount A"

CD in digipak

Photography & Design: Jon Wozencroft
Remastered by Denis Blackham

Track Listing
1. Light
2. Floods
3. Casting
4. Shadowed
5. Self
6. Growth
7. In Gray
8. My
9. Reflection
10. Earbraces
11. You

This album was originally released by 12 Tónar in 2006 under the moniker 'Lost in Hildurness'. The first solo recording from Hildur Gudnadottir (who is a member of the Nix Noltes band and has performed regularly with múm and Pan Sonic). In her dreamy soundworld she plays the cello, gamba, zither, khuur and the gamelan so this cd sounds like nothing else. This is exciting, tranquil, and melancholic stuff and at times it makes you think of a lost place and times gone by - and the music has the power to take you there. Recording sessions took place both in New York and in a house in Hólar, Iceland, specifically chosen for its good cello acoustics. It is strictly a solo album, Hildur has attempted to "involve other people as little as I could." Like the cover art, it is personal and intimate.

It has been called "the perfect soundtrack to get lost in a forest at night", but this version, remastered by Denis Blackham, sounds fresher and better than ever.

Her latest solo album, the widely reviewed and highly acclaimed Without Sinking (Touch # TO:70, 2009) is still available from Touch.

Buy Hildur Gudnadóttir "Mount A" in the TouchShop

06.10.10 | Touch Live at Berghain, Berlin

For the first time in Germany, Touch presents, as part of Berghain's Elektroakustischer Salon series...

Hildur Gudnadóttir
Achmin Mohné
Kai Aune

Please check Berghain's website for venue details, or visit to purchase tickets.
Further event details to follow...

Purchase tickets online at

The Humanities Festival, Seoul, South Korea

Touch - talks, workshops & presentation
Jana Winderen - live
BJNilsen - installation, "Invisible City"

Please visit and for further details.

Z'EV & Chris Watson | East African Nocturne

South London Gallery, 10th & 11th September, 9.30pm
Tickets £10/£7 concs, Booking essential, doors 9pm

East African Nocturne is the first live collaboration between American musician, sound artist and poet Z'EV and sound recordist and founding member of electronic music pioneers Cabaret Voltaire, Chris Watson. The premiere performance of this 45 minute live sound mix will be an exceptional, captivating sensory experience, mixing experimental industrial music and sounds recorded from nature.

East African Nocturne is the result of exchanging sound files and internet discussions between Watson and Z'EV over a period of a year. The composition features sounds of the Serengeti mixed with Z'EV's percussion atmospheres produced in the crypt at Christ Church Spitalfields. Z'EV's instruments were recorded moving through the crypt at varying speeds and directions to create an astonishing range of pitches and timbres.

For this special event, the work is recreated through Watson's live mixing of sounds of birds, elephants, frogs, hyenas, insects, lions and vultures and their environment, recorded by Watson during trips to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Z'EV's live percussion performance.

The rhythms of the work are generated as Z'EV and the instruments move in and through the gallery, producing orchestrations of highly rhythmic acoustic phenomena. Watson's mix also moves through the gallery, processed by Paul Gillieron's Ambisonic surround sound system, 3D AudioScape, presenting a special electro-acoustic experience: "a fully immersive sound field, where wildlife dawn and dusk choruses will create an exceptional experience of sound". This new musical composition summarises the cross-over between contemporary live performance and field recording.

Eastern African Nocturne echoes Bela Bartók's Musiques Nocturnes (The Night's Music) the fourth movement from Out of Doors for solo piano (1926), in which Bartók imitated the sounds of nature.

Fennesz announces rare North American tour

Fennesz embarks on a rare North American tour this Autumn. Kicking off in New York on September 4, the tour takes in most major cities, including Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as one date in Canada. Further details can be read on and

4th September 2010
@ Le Poisson Rouge, New York City - double bill with Soap&skin

5th September 2010
@ The International House, Philadelphia

20th September 2010
@ Middle East, Cambridge, Boston

21st September 2010
@ Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington

22nd September 2010
@ Littlefield, New York

23rd September 2010
@ Empty Bottle, Chicago

25th September 2010
@ Decibel Festival, Seattle

26th September 2010
@ Western Front, Vancouver

28th September 2010
@ Swedish American Hall, San Francisco

29th September 2010
@ Center of the Arts - Eagle Rock, Los Angeles

30th September 2010
@ Emo's, Austin

Jacob Kirkegaard | Live in Japan

Jacob Kirkegaard will perform a series of varied shows in Japan during August/September. On 21st August his new sound installation Sabuation will be exhibited at the Aichi Triennale. 2nd September sees Jacob perform Eldfjall live at Super Deluxe in Tokyo (together with Karkowski). On the 3rd September he presents a new version with visuals of Loop Tower at Vacant in Tokyo. Finally, on the 4th September: Labyrinthitis at Misako & Rosen in Tokyo.


A reminder of some recent releases from Touch, Ash International and The Tapeworm.

Thomas Ankersmit's debut CD for Ash International has been described by The Wire as "a captivating recording". Another Ash debut, Souls On Board • Meltaot's vinyl only split LP, was reviewed by Boomkat as a "genius record", with Meltaot's contribution putting the reviewer in "a f*cking unholy place" wereas Souls On Board's side "just made us p*ss ourselves".

BJNilsen's tape for Ash International, "Draught #1", was praised by Aquarius records as "gorgeous examples of Nilsen's delicate and expressive soundscaping ... fantastic stuff." Aquarius also praised The Tapeworm's tapes by Pita ("so so lovely"), Zachary James Watkins ("these are indeed some seriously grim black sonic spirituals ... as with pretty much all Tapeworm stuff, totally recommended.") and Chugga ("killer old school dancefloor destruction"). Chugga was also "highly recommended" by Boomkat who made it one of their Albums of the Week.

Eleh's CD for Touch was described by Vital Weekly as "a strong CD of powerful subconscious drone music". Finally, Jana Winderen's "Energy Field" received a spot-on review courtesy of Musiquemachine: "Underneath the CD, behind the clear plastic disc tray, is a quote that I guess is intended to inspire further thought: "What do you think this is? ... A hotel?" If she means the earth itself, it makes sense: we can't just trash the place and expect room service to come along and clean up after us, something all the more crucial to get through our heads after the Deepwater Horizon blowout. The album as a whole works as an ecological statement without being preachy, just demonstrative: these treasures are what we stand to lose."

Thomas Ankersmit - Live in Utrecht [CD]

Souls On Board • Meltaot [Vinyl LP Only]

BJNilsen - Draught #1 [Cassette]

Chugga - Memphistophelis [Cassette]

Pita - Mesmer [Cassette]

Zachary James Watkins - Black Spirituals [Cassette]

Jana Winderen - Energy Field [CD + digital download]

Eleh - Location Momentum [CD]

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