October 2010 Touch Newsletter

Welcome to the 51st Touch Newsletter. On 6th October, Touch curates an evening at Berlin's legendary Berghain club. In performance, Fennesz, Hildur Gudnadóttir and more...

The third in the ongoing T-Phone series of video downloads for iPod/iPhone is now on sale in the TouchShop: Jana Winderen's "nightwater".

Now broadcasting, TouchRadio 56 - Thomas Ankersmit "Hanger Performance, Tallin, May 29th 2010".

After a short summer pause, The Tapeworm returns with news of two winter concerts in Utrecht and London, and two October tapes - on tape, about tape - from Zerocrop and Randy Gibson.

NB: There are two live dates coming up involving overseas travel, so we have allocated two shipping dates for any orders: Monday 4th October and Monday 11th October. Otherwise normal service will resume after 16th October...


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06.10.10 | Touch Live at Berghain, Berlin

Hildur Gudnadóttir
Achmin Mohné
Kaj Aune

Doors: 8pm. Please check Berghain's website for venue details, or visit www.koka36.de to purchase tickets.

Am Wriezener Bahnhof
10243 Berlin - Friedrichshain

Purchase tickets online at www.koka36.de

T-Phone 3 | Jana Winderen "nightwater"

1 track .m4v video, digital download for iPod/iPhone

Track listing:
1: nightwater - 12:49

Seoul, Korea 20th September 2010. A new iPhone film made by Jana Winderen on her recent trip to Korea. You can read more about the trip on the blog kept on the trip, here.

This is the third in the ongoing "T-Phone" series of video downloads for iPod/iPhone.

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Further video downloads for iPod/iPhone in the TouchShop

Touch Radio 56 | Thomas Ankersmit

29.09.10 - Hanger Performance, Tallin, May 29th 2010 - 19:02 - 192 kbps

Solo saxophone performance inside abandoned seaplane hangar, Tallinn harbour, Estonia. Recorded by John Grzinich, May 29 2010, at the introduction event for Tuned City Tallinn 2011.

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TTW#23 | Zerocrop "On Tape"

Cassette only, in an edition of 250 copies.
Illustration: Sarah Pettitt

Track listing:
A1: Dear Jim
A2: Applesauce
A3: << / >>
B: Resist The Devil On Tape

Composed and performed by Parker with pedal steel guitar by Steve Honest and electric guitar by Marlon Banjo. Mastered by Steve Honest.


Zerocrop is the pseudonym of London based musician Parker, an independent artist who has been releasing albums through the website www.zerocrop.com since 2000. The music is hypnotic mix of complex vocal melodies and spoken word sequences on unsettling themes, set against a rich backwash of pedal steel, guitars and electronics. Zerocrop has remixed, written songs for and performed with the incomparable Billie Ray Martin and regularly creates the show music for award winning milliner Justin Smith.

Zerocrop writes: "I first started making music on a mono cassette radio when I was thirteen and I still have all the cassettes I made. These early works featured a great deal of piano, screaming and saucepans. Plus ça change. A cassette for The Tapeworm is the perfect place to revisit them and to dust off the Roland Juno 6 and the Casio MT-41 in order to fashion for my listeners yet another journey into musical mental instability." Zerocrop, London, 15 August 2010.

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TTW#24 | Randy Gibson "Analog Apparitions"

Cassette only, in an edition of 250 copies.
Illustration: Oscar Henriquez

Track listing:
A: The First Analog Pillar with its Simplest Primes and The Harbinger of The Second Pillar with The Low Madora Cornerstone and The Outlying Primal Cirrus from Apparitions of The Four Pillars
B: The Third Analog Pillar with its Lowest Primes and The Ersatz Souvenir of The Second Pillar with The High Madora Cornerstone and The Outlying Primal Abyss from Apparitions of The Four Pillars

Recorded on a Marantz PMD222 with Maxell UR-90 cassettes Brooklyn, NY VI-xix-2010 to VII-xxiv-2010. Randy Gibson: just intonation toy organs, voice; Drew Blumberg: cassette boomboxes; Laine Rettmer: voice.

Analog Apparitions, by Brooklyn-based composer Randy Gibson, is a pair of 30-minute compositions designed specifically to be recorded and released on cassette tape. A student of seminal Minimalist composer La Monte Young, Gibson follows in the tradition of prime harmonic just intonation pioneered by Young in the 1960s. Apparitions of the Four Pillars, the underlying composition on this tape, explores the depth of the harmonic series through standard just-intonation methods and the use of higher prime-harmonic relationships. In the eighteen hours of recordings layered onto the two sides of the cassette you can hear the mechanism of the tape itself, the evolution of improvisations over seven recording sessions, and the purity of sine waves in complex prime-harmonic relationships. Read more about Analog Apparitions here, in Randy Gibson's own words.

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28.11.10 | The Tapeworm Comes Alive!, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Le Guess Who? and PAUME present a night curated by cassette label THE TAPEWORM featuring Leslie Winer, Leif Elggren, Zerocrop, Ananizapta, Savage Pencil, People Like Us and Philip Marshall.

PAUME, the Utrecht (Netherlands) based Platform for Avant-garde and Urban Media Explorations invited The Tapeworm to curate a programme presenting all aspects of the cassette labels' roster and vision. The Tapeworm gladly accepted the invitation and presents its selection on the closing night of Le Guess Who?

On Sunday 28th November 2010 Leslie Winer, Leif Elggren, Zerocrop and Ananizapta all perform live in a continuous 'revue' performance, hosted by The Tapeworm.

In the lobby of Theater Kikker, sound installations feature the 'Wormcast' mixes of released and unreleased works from The Tapeworm's catalogue. There's more: Savage Pencil exhibits his art in a gallery setting and Leif Elggren and People Like Us are featured with their video art. PAUME also commissioned a special and exclusive sound art piece by Philip Marshall based on field recordings made by PAUME in Utrecht.

PAUME invited The Tapeworm to produce an exclusive cassette release for this event. Featuring a splendid selection of artists from the label, The Tapeworm presents 'The Tapeworm Comes Alive!' in a limited edition of only 100 copies for sale at the event only.

Established in June 2009, The Tapeworm is a true cassette label. Feature articles in magazines like The Wire, Gonzo Circus and RUIS are testament to the label's status. No barcodes, but styled in typical black and white and adhering to the relentless pace of releasing two tapes every month, mostly specifically recorded for The Tapeworm, the label has featured a dazzling line-up of artists since its inception. Every tape is strictly limited; to only 250 copies in most cases.

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09.12.10 | The Tapeworm - Unleashed in the East, Café Oto

London Town's finest tape-only label, The Tapeworm, presents its second night at Dalston's Café Oto. Fine performances are to be expected from a splendid line-up of the label's favourites.

Taking the train from Liverpool, just for you, the one and only Mr. Philip Jeck. Flying red-eye from Brooklyn, Randy Gibson. And stretching their Oyster cards to the limits, London's Zerocrop and Cathi Unsworth. Further special guests TBC... NB: Jeck plays the bass guitar with effects - a very rare opportunity to see this live!

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Further info: www.tapeworm.org.uk

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