December 2010 Touch Newsletter

Welcome to the 54th Touch Newsletter. News of a vinyl-only release by new discovery Sohrab, a TouchRadio broadcast from Phill Niblock plus December events from The Tapeworm (London, Philip Jeck headlining, plus Andrew Poppy, Cathi Unsworth, Randy Gibson, Zerocrop and Adam Hayward) and The Bee Symphony (York, featuring Chris Watson).

A round-up of all Touch editions for 2010 (its been a busy year for sure), along with those by Ash International and our friends at The Tapeworm, can be seen below.

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Finally, a quick note to thank you all for your support throughout the year. Touch wishes you a happy festive season and all the best for the new year and who knows what 2011 will bring...


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Tone 42 | Sohrab "A Hidden Place"

LP + download - 6 tracks - 40:20
+ free download: Aamookhtan Baraye Zistan (42:46) when you buy the vinyl from the TouchShop

Mastered by Denis Blackham
Cut by Jason @ Transition

Photography by Sohrab & Jon Wozencroft

Track Listing:
A1: Susanna (9:51)
A2: Somebody (5:59)
A3: Pedagogicheskaya Poema (3:28)
B1: Himmel Über Tehran (5:31)
B2: A Hidden Place (9:27)
B3: Zarrin (6:16)

Sohrab was born in Tehran in 1984. He was seven when the Iran-Iraq war ended. His name, from an old poem called 'Shahname', means 'rouge water', which can also mean 'blood'. He started a punk band with his brother and a friend, which lasted about two years before splitting. Sohrab is totally isolated in Iran, with little or no connection to what is happening there. Sohrab is, like so many, displaced within his own country and occupies a similar internal cultural isolation.

He recently performed live at Berghain for a Touch night, with Fennesz, Hildur Gudnadottir and others. It was his first legal gig since a performance by his punk band was broken up by the police in Tehran. He is currently seeking status as a political refugee...

You can listen to his contribution to TouchRadio, "Tanhayi - Live in Tehran", recorded in October 2009

Sohrab used Reason 3, his midi controller (R)evolution UC-16 and a sampler, recorded live through Ambrosia recording software.

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Touch Radio 57 | Phill Niblock

19.11.10 - Sound Delta - 39:16 - 192 kbps

1. Zound Delta (21:52)
2. Bells & Timps (5:30)
3. BuchBel (11:54)

Zound Delta was made at a residency with the European Sound Delta Project in 2009. The sounds were recorded from the mouth of the Danube River at the Black Sea, - to about 200km upstream, at Russe Bulgaria. In Russe, there was a festival, and the finished piece was played. There were boats (Belgian barges outfitted as living boats) starting at the mouth of the Danube and the Rhine Rivers, with changing residents, for several months.

Bells and Timps was made using church bells in Gent Belgium, recorded by Godfried Willem Raes of Logos Foundation, in 1986. I modified the time by stretching vastly, and some changes in pitch as well.

BuchBel was recorded during an overnight train ride from Bucharest to Belgrade. All sounds are from the train, with many layerings. The train trip was immediately after the festival in Russe, Bulgaria, in 2009.

All of the pieces were made in ProTools.

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17.12.10 | The Bee Symphony, the Rymer Auditorium, York

The Bee Symphony
Celebrating the bee in science and art
Friday 17 December 2010 at 7.30pm
Rymer Auditorium

The Bee Symphony, consisting of recordings of bees by Chris Watson ('The Life of Birds', 'The Life of Mammals', 'Life in the Undergrowth' and 'Life in Cold Blood'), Mike Harding (Touch) and a vocal score by Marcus Davidson (Spire) will be performed live by Chris Watson and five singers from the University of York, conducted by Marcus Davidson. The Symphony was originally commissioned as part of Pestival and performed in the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. Updated details of the full programme can be seen on the The Bee Symphony microsite

"The theme of the evening is really for people to become immersed in the sounds and rhythms of the insects." Chris Watson

In addition to The Bee Symphony the programme will feature other sound performances and talks by scientists on current research on bees and the current perils that they face, including:

Irene Moon - My Queen and I: An introduction to the bees and their closest relatives, also a special episode for TouchRadio

Buy tickets at
The Bee Symphony microsite

09.12.10 | The Tapeworm - Unleashed in the East, Café Oto

On Thursday 9th December, London Town's finest tape-only label, The Tapeworm, presents its second night at Dalston's Café Oto.

Fine performances are to be expected from a splendid line-up of the label's favourites.

Taking the train from Liverpool, just for you, the one and only Mr Philip Jeck.

Flying red-eye from Brooklyn, La Monte Young prodigy Randy Gibson and his just-intonation booming boomboxes.

Stretching their Oyster cards to the limits, London's Zerocrop performing top pop and Cathi Unsworth speaking sinister words of London's demimonde.

From the other side of the planet we welcome New Zealand's Adam Hayward who will tell you all what it's like to watch your house be destroyed by an earthquake (clue: not good). And finally, Andrew Poppy shall be tinkling the ivories, premiering two new pieces, "Number Crunch #1 & #2".

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Further info:

TTW#25 | "The Tapeworm Comes Alive!"

Cassette only, in an edition of 250 copies.
Illustration: SavX

On 28.xi.10 Le Guess Who? and PAUME presented a night curated by cassette label THE TAPEWORM featuring Leslie Winer, Leif Elggren, Zerocrop, Ananizapta, Savage Pencil and People Like Us...

This promotional C90 mixtape, featuring tracks from The Tapeworm's catalogue and beyond, was issued to mark the occasion. TouchShop now has a very limited amount of this tape to sell...

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