December 2010 Touch Newsletter #2

Welcome to the 55th Touch Newsletter. Our final mail of 2010 brings news of a new TouchRadio, a Fennesz vinyl reissue, a reminder of 2010's editions from Touch, Ash International and The Tapeworm, plus looks forwards to 2011...

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Touch Radio 58 | Irene Moon

20.12.10 - My Queen & I: An introduction to the bees and their closest relatives - 24:37 - 128 kbps

Recorded live at The Rymer Audorium, Music Research Centre, York on 17th December 2010 by Tony Myatt. Also recorded that night in multi-channel and stereo was the second performance of The Bee Symphony - see website for details.

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Sohrab review in The Wire

"With this album, context is everything and nothing. Sohrab is a Tehran based musician whose sense of displacement and isolation within his own country is palpable across the six Ambient pieces making up this release. He's both a product of his environment and a reaction against it. This contradiction still fits a model of rebel music (punk, say), except that here the form of expression is so internalised as to represent a kind of withdrawal.

There's plenty of space in his soundscapes, where the slow reverb of chimes and the fluttering of abstract electronica punctuate solemn pauses. It's like an expression of emptiness, of faint, spectral essences occupying vacant areas. But then these spaces become filled with a more forthright presence of undulating tonal frequencies, a respite from the indefinable sense of oppression.

A few voice samples pepper these washes of sound, but they offer only glimpses of a more concrete sense of place. It's the persistent emphasis on the elusive that makes these expressions so beguiling. While there is beauty here, there is also a nagging undertow of anxiety, a reminder of Sohrab's status as a cultural exile in his own country." [Tom Ridge]

In the same edition, Eleh's "Location Momentum" was voted in at no. 19 in The Wire Top 50 of 2010

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Buy Eleh "Location Momentum" in the TouchShop

The Wire on Wax Cylinders and EVP

The latest issue of The Wire features a four page article on EVP and Ash 9.4/PARC 4 - CM von Hausswolff's and Michael Esposito's "The Ghosts of Effingham".

The Wire writes: "Revisiting his family farm with Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Michael Esposito captured the sounds of his ancestors for their wax cylinder project, "The Ghosts of Effingham". Ken Hollings spools back to the days of Thomas Edison to investigate how obsolete recording devices and the dead voices captured on them have changed our perceptions of the material world."

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John Aitchison

Touch is pleased to host a new website for John Aitchison. John is a wildlife cameraman and has frequently travelled and worked with Chris Watson. In keeping with the cold weather, do check out the film footage of polar bears wrestling, which was added today.

Fennesz | Endless Summer vinyl now in stock

Artwork by Tina Frank.
Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin September 2010

1.1. Made In Hong Kong (04:25)
1.2. Endless Summer (08:31)
1.3. Ohne Sonne (03:07)
2.1. A Year In A Minute (06:00)
2.2. Caecilia (03:51)
2.3. Got To Move On (03:48)
2.4. Endless (02:02)
3.1. Shisheido (02:56)
3.2. Before I Leave (04:07)
3.3. Badminton Girl (04:04)
3.4. 47 Blues (03:02)
4.1. Happy Audio (forever) (14:58)

Contains Ohne Sonne and 47 Blues previously only available on the Japenese CD versions, as well as an new extended version of Happy Audio exclusive to this release.

Buy Fennesz "Endless Summer [vinyl]" in the TouchShop

Looking forward to 2011

2011 will be a busy year for us. Touch is issuing Jóhann Jóhannsson's Virthulega Forsetar on vinyl - see the Catalogue page for details of its previous incarnation on CD and DVD-A. Also a double vinyl by Hildur Gudnadottir of Without Sinking with extra tracks, a multiple format release from Fennesz, "June", and the long-awaited "El Tren Fantasma" by Chris Watson... Of course the newsletter will keep you fully informed.

Don't forget the VAT rate goes up to 20% on the 4th January 2011. At that time we will switch over to portraying all TouchShop prices inclusive of VAT (VAT will be itemised at check out), where appropriate.

Touch's 2010 editions

BJNilsen - The Invisible City [CD + digital download]

BJNilsen - The Invisible City [CD + digital download]

Eleh - Location Momentum

Eleh - Location Momentum [CD]

Jana Winderen - Energy Field

Jana Winderen - Energy Field [CD + digital download]

Hildur Gudnadottir - Mount A

Hildur Gudnadottir - Mount A [CD]

Philip Jeck - An Ark for the Listener

Philip Jeck - An Ark for the Listener [CD + digital download]

Sohrab - A Hidden Place

Sohrab - A Hidden Place [Vinyl LP + digital download]

Lawrence English - Incongruous Harmonies

Lawrence English - Incongruous Harmonies [7" Vinyl Only]

Philip Jeck & Marcus Davidson - Spliced

Philip Jeck & Marcus Davidson - Spliced [7" Vinyl Only]

Touch's 2010 Digital Editions

Eleh - Repose [MP3 Edition]

Eleh - Repose [MP3 Edition] [320 kbps mp3]

Eleh - Repose [FLAC Edition]

Eleh - Repose [FLAC Edition] [FLAC audio]

Biosphere & Jon Wozencroft - Substrata 2.1 [MP3 Edition]

Biosphere & Jon Wozencroft - Substrata 2.1 [MP3 Edition] [A3 archival print + 320kbps MP3]

Biosphere & Jon Wozencroft - Substrata 2.1 [FLAC Edition]

Biosphere & Jon Wozencroft - Substrata 2.1 [FLAC Edition] [A3 archival print + FLAC audio]

Daniel Menche - Hover

Daniel Menche - Hover [320 kbps mp3]

Pietro Riparbelli - 4 Churches

Pietro Riparbelli - 4 Churches [320 kbps mp3]

Biosphere - Outside By The Fjord

Biosphere - Outside By The Fjord [.m4v video for iPod/iPhone]

Jana Winderen - Evaporation

Jana Winderen - Evaporation [.m4v video for iPod/iPhone]

Jana Winderen - nightwater

Jana Winderen - nightwater [.m4v video for iPod/iPhone]

Enrico Coniglio - Songs from Ruined Days

Enrico Coniglio - Songs from Ruined Days [320 kbps mp3]

Ash International's 2010 editions

Thomas Ankersmit - Live in Utrecht

Thomas Ankersmit - Live in Utrecht [CD]

Meltaot • Souls on Board

Meltaot • Souls on Board [Vinyl LP Only]

BJNilsen - Draught #1

BJNilsen - Draught #1 [Cassette]

Joachim Nordwall - Ignition

Joachim Nordwall - Ignition [Cassette]

Michael Esposito & CM von Hausswolff - The Ghosts of Effingham

Michael Esposito & CM von Hausswolff - The Ghosts of Effingham [Wax Cylinder + mp3 download]

Paul Williams - Pillars of Wisdom

Paul Williams - Pillars of Wisdom [.m4v video for iPod/iPhone]

OR's 2010 editions


The Automatics Group - auto 17 [A+B] [Vinyl album + download]


The Automatics Group - auto 17 [C] [Digital download]

The Tapeworm's 2010 tapes, still in stock...

Pita - Mesmer

Pita - Mesmer [Cassette]

Cathi Unsworth - Johnny Remember Me

Cathi Unsworth - Johnny Remember Me [Cassette]

Zachary James Watkins - Black Spirituals

Zachary James Watkins - Black Spirituals [Cassette]

Zerocrop - On Tape

Zerocrop - On Tape [Cassette]

Randy Gibson - Analog Apparitions

Randy Gibson - Analog Apparitions [Cassette]

The Tapeworm Comes Alive! [Cassette]

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