August 2011 Touch Newsletter

Welcome to the 62nd Touch Newsletter. The second in Touch's White Label vinyl series is here - The Sight Below's "N-Plants_Remixes" - a superb extension of Biosphere's new Touch CD as well as a fine release in its own right. Only 300 copies have been pressed.

Bruce Gilbert's contribution to the Touch Sevens series is now on sale. "Monad" is coruscating, metallic, hard, loud, structured chaos...

Ryoji Ikeda's "+/-" has been reissued. This fourth edition marks the 15th anniversary of its release.

Touch Radio 66 is by Signe Lidén - "Load (Abandoned)" is made from recordings from abandoned places and recordings from abandoned things.

And finally, some Biosphere catalogue CDs are back in limited quantities in the TouchShop.

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Tone 45.2 | The Sight Below "N-Plants_Remixes"

12" White Label vinyl + 320 kbps MP3 download of the tracks
Cut by Jason @ Transition

Track listing:
Side One 33rpm
1. Shika 1.1 5:55
2. Shika 1.2 8:03

Side Two 45rpm
1. Ikata 6:21

The second in the series of limited edition vinyl in the Tone 45 series, after BJNilsen's now deleted "Vinyl" [Touch # Tone 45.1]. 100 copies only are available in the TouchShop...

The Sight Below is a project created by Rafael Anton Irisarri, an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, curator, producer and mixed media artist. In this guise he has produced two full-length CDs on Ghostly International, "Glider" (2008) and "It All Falls Apart" (2010), and most recently, under his own name, "The North Bend" for Room 40. The connection between The Sight Below and Biosphere starts with the latter's remix of "The Sunset Passage" from the "Glider" CD, released on a limited 12" in 2009.

"N-Plants_Remixes" is a superb extension of Biosphere's new Touch CD as well as a fine release in its own right. Only 300 copies have been pressed.

Rafael is currently curating the Substrata 1.1 festival, to be held in Seattle on 15 July 2011.

Buy The Sight Below "N-Plants_Remixes" in the TouchShop

TS12 | Bruce Gilbert "Monad"

7" Vinyl Only - cut by Jason @ Transition
Artwork and photography by Jon Wozencroft

Track listing:
A: Ingress 2:42
B: Re-Exit 2:42

TS12 - the next in the series of vinyl-only Touch Sevens (TS11 and TS13 to follow in 2011] - is Monad by Bruce Gilbert, whose career stretches back to late 1960's British avant garde art & music scenes, and has since played an important and influential role with his involvement in various rock based formations, work for choreographic projects and art installations...

Instruments: Korg Monotron Analogue Ribbon synth, Zoom RFX-200, Korg Kaos Pad 2, Apple GarageBand.

Coruscating | Metallic | Hard | Structured Chaos | Loud

Buy Bruce Gilbert "Monad" in the TouchShop

TO:30 | Ryoji Ikeda "+/-"

CD - 10 tracks
4th edition of this timeless classic, reissued in August 2011:

1st edition: 1996 [Original edition]
2nd edition: 2000 [Millennium edition]
3rd edition: 2006 [Touch 25th anniversary]
4th edition: 2011 [15th anniversary of the release]

1. Headphonics 0/0 (3:12)
2. Headphonics 1/0 (4:16)
4. + (2:50)
5. +. (5:07)
6. +.. (10:55)
7. - (6:36)
8. -. (11:51)
9. -.. (13:24)
10. +/- (1:05)

These Records Mail Order Catalogue (UK):

"A benchmark release in digital minimalism. Has to be heard, totally compulsive and immaculately constructed, pushes the envelope while keeping full control. Essential, and deceptively easy listening."

"Ultra-minimalist Japanese composer. Clicks, beeps, ultrasonics. Pretend you live in an empty white apartment with no furniture except one orchid in a vase, but still placed according to the dictates of feng shui. Ultra-chillout. But not if you've a hangover."

KALX Radio (USA):

"Hi, there. I spoke recently with the fellow from Dutch East India who so kindly sent us some of your recent releases, but I wanted to share with you my experiences with the "+ / -" album... I just got it out for the DJs to play this week, and while several people were in my office, I played the last track (#10) on the boom box for them. Cringe-o-rama. It was a lot of fun. I can hardly wait to play the disc on our "INFORMATION OVERLOAD" show for the "difficult listening" crowd. Thanks. PS: are there any unwelcome physiological effects to that record that I, or the University's lawyers, should know about?"

Buy Ryoji Ikeda "+/-" in the TouchShop

Touch Radio 66 | Signe Lidén

8.08.11 - Load (Abandoned) - 16:41 - 320 kbps

Recordings from abandoned places:
• resonated wires, cans and other objects from an old run-of-the-river power plant
• a singing floating bridge at fishing village

Recordings from abandoned things:
• a violin amplified through a empty metal can
• recordings from inside plastic cans and bottles at the seaside
• from inside a pipe at a gasometer
• a motor which worked for the last time and is now abandoned

• reflections of an abandoned run-of-the-river power plant

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Play "Load (Abandoned)"

New in the TouchShop

After an amicable cessation of our distribution agreement with DiscMedi in Spain, we have received some returns of Biosphere CDs you may wish to pick up... Biosphere - Cirque [TO:46 1st edition, 2000 - more info]; Biosphere - Shenzhou [TO:55 2002 - more info]; Biosphere - Autour de la Lune [TO:62 2004 - more info]. We have limited copies available, so it will be first come, first served...

Biosphere - Cirque [CD, 1st Edition]

Biosphere - Shenzhou [CD]

Biosphere - Autour de la Lune [CD]

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