May 2012 Touch Newsletter #2

Welcome to the 77th Touch Newsletter. Novaya Zemlya is the title of Thomas Köner's first album for Touch, now available for pre-order from the TouchShop.

Now broadcasting, two new Touch Radio editions, from Daniel Menche and John Chantler.

The 13th Spire will take place at St. Botolphs without Aldgate on Thursday 21st June 2012 as part of The Spitalfields Summer Festival. Details below.

Finally, new Touch sampler, featuring tracks from across the current Touch roster plus an exclusive mix of a Jana Winderen work, is available free with the current edition of Spain's GO MAG. Details below.

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TO:85 | Thomas Köner "Novaya Zemlya"

CD - 3 tracks - 36:36

Artwork & Photography: Jon Wozencroft
Mastered by Denis Blackham

1. Novaya Zemlya 1 11:15
2. Novaya Zemlya 2 12:46
3. Novaya Zemlya 3 12:20

The artwork, by Jon Wozencroft, includes an essay by Thierry Charollais, "Thomas Köner's Novaya Zemlya: towards a metaphysical geography"... "Of course we find the unique Koneresque glowing drones that we know from his previous works. But we will also be touched by an unrevealed, barely perceptible sense of melody and harmony that Köner gradually developed since Kaamos (1998) and Nuuk (2004)."

Novaya Zemlya (lit. New Land), also known in Dutch as Nova Zembla and in Norwegian as Gaselandet (lit. the Goose Land), is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean in the north of Russia and the extreme northeast of Europe, the easternmost point of Europe, lying at Cape Flissingsky on the northern island.

About Thomas Köner:
Thomas Köner (b. 1965) is a pioneering multimedia artist whose main interest lies in combining visual and auditory experiences. Over his long, much celebrated career, he has worked between installation works, sound art, minimal soundscapes, and as one half of Porter Ricks. He attended music college in Dortmund and studied electronic music at the CEM-Studio in Arnhem. Until 1994 he worked in the film industry as editor and sound engineer. Thomas has extended his concept of time and sound colour to images, resulting in video installations, photography and net art.

His point of departure was composition of sound in which aspects of a performance and visual language were gradually integrated. At first in the collaboration with film artist Jürgen Reble and the live performance Alchemie (1992). Following this, he started to compose film soundtracks and music to accompany historic silent films for the Louvre Museum and the Musée d'Orsay, Paris, who called him a major innovator in the contemporary music scene, as well as noted his collaborative practice which has led to his working with musicians, filmmakers and visual artists on installations and sound performances, and to his creation of six video works produced in two cycles, starting in 2003.

His extensive discography, including his four classic albums ("Drone/Isolationist Ambient")released on Barooni between 1990 and 1995, Nunatak Gongamur, Teimo, Permafrost and Aubrite, can be found here:

Pre-order Thomas Köner "Novaya Zemlya" [CD] in the TouchShop

TO:90 | Hildur Gudnadottir "Leyfdu Ljosinu"

Just a reminder about the new release by Hildur Gudnadottir which some of you seem to have missed...

Buy Hildur Gudnadottir "Leyfdu Ljosinu" [CD] in the TouchShop
Buy Hildur Gudnadottir "Leyfdu Ljosinu" [USB Stick] in the TouchShop

...and the bundle is now for sale in the shop here:
Buy Hildur Gudnadottir "Leyfdu Ljosinu" [CD/USB bundle] in the TouchShop

What the critics are saying:

The Silent Ballet: "On Leyfdu Ljosinu, Guðnadóttir is carving out her own identity, and it is a wonderful sight to see."

Experimedia: "Thirty-five minutes in length, the piece is really quite beautiful, with angelic, clarion vocals eclipsing beautiful string arrangements for cello. Midway through the piece its initial frailness gives way to a more spectacular and assertive movement, building to a frenzied mass of bowed strings and booming electricity clouds. Impressive and immersive listening, and typically top-notch presentation by Touch."

Other Music: "A stark, breathtaking work"

Fluid Radio: "...unforgettable."

Heathen Harvest: "Leyfðu Ljósinu stands proudly in its own category as one of the most authentic, emotive and vivid works in ambient music this year. It lacks nothing."

Touch Radio 78 | Daniel Menche

7.05.12 - Live YU - 77:12 - 192 kbps

Live Performance on April 21st, 2012 at the YU Contemporary Art Center located in Portland, Oregon USA. This concert was a two hour non-stop performance and this recording only captured an hour and fifteen minutes due to a recording failing. The amplifiers also blew out at the end. The room in which this concert was performed was the size of a city block (68,000 ft/20726 m) and had enormous room acoustics with considerable natural reverberations. Maximum volume was used, for 120 bodies were present to absorb this 120 minute sonic mass.

"Boredom is tuneless matter. Tears are music in material form." (E.M. Cioran)

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Play Daniel Menche "Live YU"

Touch Radio 79 | John Chantler

7.05.12 - Cambridge Unitarian, April 2012 - 29:59 - 192 kbps

Live performance on pipe organ and synthesiser. Recorded at Cambridge Unitarian Church, Saturday 28 April 2012 by Norman Ipsmael using a Tascam DR-07. Thanks to Jo Brook/Bad Timing, Simon Scott, Norman Ipsmael and Benny Nilsen.

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Play John Chantler "Cambridge Unitarian, April 2012"

Spire Live @ Spitalfields Festival | London, 21st June 2012

The 13th Spire will take place at St. Botolphs without Aldgate on Thursday 21st June 2012 as part of The Spitalfields Summer Festival

7.00pm-9.30pm (Installation by Marcus Davidson from 6.00pm) Insight with Scott McMillan (The Liminal), Charles Matthews and Mike Harding.


Charles Matthews - organ & piano
John Beaumont - tenor
Marcus Davidson - organ, piano & tape
BJ Nilsen - electronics
Philip Jeck - turntables & samplers
The Eternal Chord

Programme to include:

Charles Camilleri - Sonata Semplice
JS Bach - Komm, Heiliger Geist
Ligeti - Harmonies
Diana Burrell - Lauds
Arvo Pärt - Pari Intervallo
Marcus Davidson - The Conscious Sky

You can book tickets here

Tickets: £12 unreserved/£5 Student tickets (further concessions available).
Series Tickets Offers: Discounts available when booking three or more concerts.

From its earliest inception as the Hydraulis to the latest in organ technology, the organ has had incredible influence on the history of music and sound. Spire celebrates this "Emperor of Instruments" with live performances for organ, electronics, piano and voice, contrasting digital and analogue to create a rich sonic journey unique to each performance location. See Spire in Spitalfields for the first time, visiting St Botolph without Aldgate and its newly restored Harris organ.

GO MAG | Cover mounted CD & feature

Cover mounted CD, GO MAG Mayo 90
Artwork & track listing
To obtain a copy, email Nina at GO MAG

Back in stock in the TouchShop

Fennesz - Black Sea [Vinyl LP]

Fennesz - Black Sea [CD]

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