August 2012 Touch Newsletter #2

Welcome to the 82nd Touch Newsletter. Two new Tapeworm tapes are now available, from Ministry’s Chris Connelly and Montevideo’s Gastón Arévalo.

The Tapeworm has received a series of splendid submissions over the past three years. Their submissions call-out has always asked artists to send in tape-specific material, works made with the history, sound and formatting of cassette centre-stage. But sometimes, they would be hearing splendid submissions which did not fit the remit. These recordings were slipping through the gap… In a momentary lapse of reason, The Tapeworm realised the obvious thing had to be done. Presenting… The Wormhole - a byproduct of The Tapeworm. A format-free series for things that have slipped down the hole.

The Wormhole’s first three releases for the end of the Summer come from drcarlsonalbion, The Swifter and Leslie Winer. The first of these - drcarlsonalbion and the Hackney Lass “Modern English Folklore volume one: Hackney” is now available to preorder.

To celebrate the launch of The Wormhole, Earth’s Dylan Carlson and The Swifter will play a special intimate concert at Dalston’s finest, Café Oto, on 27th September 2012. The Wormhole Begins… Tickets are now on sale.

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WHO#01 | drcarlsonalbion and the Hackney Lass "Modern English Folklore, volume one: Hackney"

Gatefold 2x7" - 4 tracks
Limited edition of 1500 (black vinyl) and 500 (clear vinyl)
Pre-order - projected release date 1.10.12

Collages by Battle Of The Eyes

Guitars/music by Dylan Carlson. Original writings vocalised by Rosie Knight, a young spoken word poet and activist from Hackney. Recorded by Stuart Hallerman at Avast!, Seattle, June 2012. Vinyl cut by Jason Goz at Transition Mastering Studios, London, July 2012. "England, oh, perfidious England, as the ramparts of its seas were inaccessible to the Romans, there also the faith of Christ is kept at bay"

‘Modern English Folklore Vol.1: Hackney’ is the second release in the ongoing drcarlsonalbion project, begun by Dylan Carlson of Earth. It reflects his longstanding interest in the occult folklore and history of the United Kingdom and his abiding love for all things British.

The first release, ‘Edward Kelley’s Blues’ b/w ‘Drunk on Angelspeech’ for cassette-only label The Tapeworm, comprised spectral environmental recordings from the area around Waterloo Station, a former haunt of magicians and alchemists in the early modern era, and the site of one of Dylan’s own encounters with ‘spiritual creatures’. That release focused on Dr John Dee and, more importantly, his much-maligned scryer/medium, Edward Kelley. This second instalment uses ancient myth and occult lore, updated to the present-day Borough of Hackney in London’s East End. 

This is a double 7" on The Wormhole, a byproduct of The Tapeworm. The second disc features instrumental tracks.

Buy drcarlsonalbion and the Hackney Lass "Modern English Folklore, volume one: Hackney" [Black vinyl 2x7"] in the TouchShop
Buy drcarlsonalbion and the Hackney Lass "Modern English Folklore, volume one: Hackney" [Clear vinyl 2x7"] in the TouchShop

27.9.12 | The Wormhole Begins… drcarlsonalbion and The Swifter, live at Café Oto

On the evening of 27th September 2012 at 8pm The Wormhole shows a showcase at Dalston's finest, Café Oto, to celebrate the launch of our first two releases.

The ongoing drcarlsonalbion project, begun by Dylan Carlson of Earth, reflects his longstanding interest in the occult folklore and history of the United Kingdom and his abiding love for all things British. Dylan opens The Wormhole with a limited edition double 7”. Tonight is a rare chance to see Mr Carlson live, in such intimate circumstances, at the very beginning of something new… In addition, Dylan Carlson shall select texts related to the drcarlsonalbion project, to be read on the night by SAVX, The Restless Worm and Dylan himself...

Introducing The Swifter – a new trio featuring Andrea Belfi (drums and percussion), BJNilsen (electronics) and Simon James Phillips (piano). Their debut album documents the first encounter of the three musicians. Nilsen sources material from the soundboard of the piano played by Phillips. This setup facilitates a oneness of sound that Nilsen subtly manipulates to either augment or contrast against the unique sonic world of Phillips’ playing – which is carefully punctuated or driven by Belfi’s distinctive drumming style. Tonight you will witness the unique interplay of these three elements.

Buy tickets for The Wormhole Begins…

TTW#46 | Chris Connelly "The Collapse of Ether"

Cassette only – edition of 200 copies
Illustration and calligraphy – Stefan Fähler.

Track listing:
A: The Collapse of Ether
B: Rehtefoespalloc

Voice and piano: Chris Connelly. Piano recorded at Chicago Trax Studio, May 1990, engineered by Keith Auerbach. Vocals recorded May 2012 at Engine Studios, Chicago, engineered by Sanford Parker. Produced by Chris Connelly and Sanford Parker. Dedicated to the innocent victims of the regimes in Chechnya and Ingushetia.

Chris Connelly formed the Fini Tribe with childhood friends in 1980 and left in 1987 after an invitation to record and tour with the Revolting Cocks & their evil twin Ministry in Chicago. Then ensued a long and continuing career of collaborations and solo albums working with the likes of Lydia Lunch, Killing Joke, Jah Wobble, Robert Fripp, Cabaret Voltaire, David Tibet, Steve Shelley, Shirley Manson, Jim O’Rourke, Gordon Sharpe, Joan of Arc, and more recently Michael Esposito & Meshell Ndegeocello. Chris has also written three published books & continues to write and collaborate as he becomes more demented in his middle years.

Buy Chris Connelly "The Collapse of Ether" in the TouchShop
More information on

TTW#47 | Gastón Arévalo "Classical Landscapes"

Cassette only – edition of 150 copies
Illustration - Geoffrey Winston.

Track listing:
A1: Luxembourg
A2: Alassio
B1: Landen
B2: Heide
B3: Atlas

Composed and recorded by Gastón Arévalo, using and processing instruments such as viola, guitar and sampler, alongside field recordings made in Paris.

Gastón Arévalo is a multidisciplinary artist. His recordings are based on electro-acoustic soundscapes, abstract textures and found melodies, framed into styles such as ambient experimental. Isolationism and nature have a strong presence in his work and are one of the fundamental elements of his inspiration.

Buy Gastón Arévalo "Classical Landscapes" in the TouchShop
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TTS#02/TPW#05 | SavX - "A Celebration of the LIZard Queen"

The Tapeworm, going for gold, celebrates London 2012 with two Savage Pencil items in honour of our LIZard Queen.

Item one: the T-Shirt in black/white or pretty vacant navy and silver.

Item two: the signed, hand-stamped A3 print.

Buy SavX "A Celebration of the LIZard Queen" [T-Shirt] in the TouchShop

Buy SavX "A Celebration of the LIZard Queen" [A3 Print] in the TouchShop

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