September 2012 Touch Newsletter #2

Welcome to the 85th Touch Newsletter. Thomas Köner’s Novaya Zemlya is now available on double vinyl, courtesy of Denovali, and on sale in the TouchShop.

The Wormhole opens up with a remastered download reissue of Leslie Winer’s Witch. Described by the John Peel Archives as ‘the definition of a hidden gem’ and as ‘trip hop before there was trip hop,’ according to the BBC, the album still sounds years ahead of itself… Witch appears digitally in advance of ‘Leslie Winer &c.’ – a compact compendium of Leslie’s music from 1990 to today, scheduled for an October release. Further details below.

A summary of Touch.30 Live in New York City: you can read some reviews online of the highly enjoyable and rewarding trip to New York City by clicking here, and listen to Lary 7's performance as a new episode of TouchRadio.

We continue in Seattle on 27-28th September with Biosphere, ELEH and Jon Wozencroft in performance - details below.

New in the TouchShop - Edgar Honetschläger’s AUN film on DVD, featuring a soundtrack by Fennesz.

Finally, news of two upcoming live events - The Wormhole Begins at Café Oto (with drcarlsonalbion and The Swifter, featuring BJNilsen), and Touch.30 at the Denovali Swingfest.

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den148 | Thomas Köner "Novaya Zemlya"

Double Vinyl LP - 3 tracks - 36:33 + download

Artwork & Photography: Jon Wozencroft
Mastered by Denis Blackham

A Novaya Zemlya 1 11:15
B Novaya Zemlya 2 12:46
C Novaya Zemlya 3 12:20
D blank vinyl

The artwork, by Jon Wozencroft, includes an essay by Thierry Charollais, "Thomas Köner's Novaya Zemlya: towards a metaphysical geography"... "Of course we find the unique Koneresque glowing drones that we know from his previous works. But we will also be touched by an unrevealed, barely perceptible sense of melody and harmony that Köner gradually developed since Kaamos (1998) and Nuuk (2004)."

Novaya Zemlya (lit. New Land), also known in Dutch as Nova Zembla and in Norwegian as Gaselandet (lit. the Goose Land), is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean in the north of Russia and the extreme northeast of Europe, the easternmost point of Europe, lying at Cape Flissingsky on the northern island.

Buy Thomas Köner "Novaya Zemlya" [DLP] in the TouchShop
Also available on CD

WHO#04 | Leslie Winer "Witch"

320kbps MP3 download, 14 tracks

Remastered by Denis Blackham
Illustration – Stefan Fähler

1: He Was
2: Flove
3: N1 Ear
4: The Boy Who Used 2 Whistle
5: John Says
6: 5
7: 1nce Upon A Time
8: Skin
9: Dream 1
10: Kind of Easy
11: N1 Ear (K.Moon.E & Flipper Mix)
12: N1 Ear (Raine Shine Mix)
13: Dream 1 (K.Moon.E & Flipper Mix)
14: Dream 1 (Raine Shine Mix)

Leslie Winer’s ‘Witch’ first appeared on white label vinyl in 1990. The results of two years of writing, looping, editing and experimenting, Leslie, alongside her collaborators (including Renegade Soundwave’s Karl Bonnie among others) had created what is now widely considered to be a lost classic.

Assuming the artist name © (‘I was thinking about intellectual property as a concept and the general freakiness of the notion of owning words’), Leslie set out to upend lazy misogynist preconceptions, the plain white packaging giving no clues as to who was behind it all. Her words to ‘N1 Ear’ spell this out; ‘…and what I look like is more important than what I do.’ As a ‘reluctant model for five junkie years,’ she had been photographed by everyone from Helmut Newton to Pierre & Gilles, appearing on the covers of magazines from Mademoiselle and Vogue (French, Italian and Australian) to The Face. As Leslie noted in a recent interview, ‘I’m also a former nasty alcoholic and former Tampax user, each for more than five years and with considerably more enthusiasm.’

Signing to Rhythm King subsidiary Transglobal, ‘Witch’ got lost in the machine… and by the time of its retail release in 1993, Leslie had already moved on. Described by the John Peel Archives as ‘the definition of a hidden gem’ and ‘trip hop before there was trip hop,’ according to the BBC, the album ‘Witch’ still sounds years ahead of itself.

Remastered in 2012 by Denis Blackham, The Wormhole’s digital edition adds four remixes from the rare 1991 Transglobal single, ‘N1 Ear’/‘Dream 1’, plus Leslie’s first solo recording, written with Karl Bonnie and previously available on impossible-to-find white label – 1989’s ‘Kind of Easy’. ‘Witch’ appears digitally in advance of ‘Leslie Winer &c.’ – a compact compendium of Leslie’s music from 1990 to today, scheduled for an October release; and ‘10 Pomes Fin (Irish Wristwatch)’, a book of Leslie’s poetry, currently in production.

Buy Leslie Winer "Witch" [320kbps MP3] in the TouchShop
Further details at

Optical 3 | Touch.30 live at Decibel Festival | 27-28th September 2012

Decibel Festival proudly celebrates the 30th anniversary of the legendary British audiovisual organization and publishing company Touch - the longest surviving independent contemporary music publisher in the UK.

Seattle's edition will feature live A/V performances by

Biosphere is the main recording name of Geir Jenssen, a Norwegian producer who has released a considerable catalogue of ambient electronic music, mostly notably 1997's Substrata, an album considered by many as one of ambient music's key recordings. Jenssen has also scored a number of films, including Eternal Stars (1993) and Insomnia (1997). The iconic ambient-techno maestro will present at Decibel Festival selections from his critically-acclaimed album N-Plants - a work that explores the beauty and vulnerability of Japanese nuclear power facilities.

The Sight Below
Seattle-based interdisciplinary artist, curator and composer Rafael Anton Irisarri will perform under his The Sight Below guise, presenting a special live A/V performance/installation commissioned by Touch. Irisarri’s recorded output - described by Pitchfork as “existing in an undifferentiated welter of pop, techno, and classical” - captures an essential vision of floating tones, deep pulsing bass and textured Gaussian curves. His work is widely published in over a dozen labels around the globe, including respected labels like Touch, Morr Music, Ghostly International, Room40 and Miasmah.

Eleh was formed in 1999 as an exploration of analog synthesis. Influenced by early electronic minimalist pioneers such as La Monte Young, Eliane Radigue, Pauline Oliveros & Charlemagne Palestine, Eleh creates highly minimal and deeply spiritual pure analog electroacoustic music. Eleh’s work emphasizes the physical presence of sound as it has been inspired by the physical world, focusing on tonal juxtapositions, bass tones and various acoustic phenomenon. He has released numerous records on Touch, Important Records and Taiga Records.

plus a special screening of
Fennesz + Wozencroft “Liquid Music”

Audiovisual collaboration between guitar-extraordinaire Christian Fennesz (AT) and Touch label founder & curator Jon Wozencroft (UK).

"Liquid Music was made in 2001, in conjunction with the music Christian Fennesz was developing during that fertile period when the future was still a good idea. The first version was premiered during the Touch tour of 2001, the time of Fennesz's Endless Summer and the steady movement towards Venice. The footage for Liquid Music originates from Prague, Paxos, Crete, Cephalonia, Messinia, London and one short clip from Monterey Bay. It was filmed on H-8 and mini-DV between 1995 and 2001. The main idea was to film everything through the lens, with no post production other than the compilation of many years work into a coherent whole. Fennesz's music, and its ascendent quality, made that a pleasure. The optical quality is on the cusp between analogue and digital resolution. In many respects it‚ "an exchange of values as much as working methods." - Jon Wozencroft (London, 2012)

Wozencroft will be presenting an introduction to the work and a brief Q&A will ensue after the screening.

Venue Info
Thursday, September 27
Broadway Performance Hall : 1625 Broadway Ave
Doors: 5:30pm. Screening starts at 6:00pm.

Admission price: $10 or FREE with 2012 Decibel Pass

Friday, September 28
Broadway Performance Hall : 1625 Broadway Ave
Doors: 7:00 pm. The Sight Below – 7:20 pm. Biosphere – 8:00 pm. Eleh – 8:45 pm

Doors at 7:00 pm
Admission price: $35
or FREE with 2012 Decibel Pass

27th September | The Wormhole Begins…, Café Oto, London

Presenting… The Wormhole - a byproduct of The Tapeworm - a format-free imprint for recordings that have slipped down the hole… On the evening of 27th September 2012 at 8pm The Wormhole shows a showcase at Dalston's finest, Café Oto, to celebrate the launch of our first two releases.

The ongoing drcarlsonalbion project, begun by Dylan Carlson of Earth, reflects his longstanding interest in the occult folklore and history of the United Kingdom and his abiding love for all things British. Dylan opens The Wormhole with a limited edition double 7”. Tonight is a rare chance to see Mr Carlson live, in such intimate circumstances, at the very beginning of something new…

In addition, Dylan Carlson shall select texts related to the drcarlsonalbion project, to be read on the night by SAVX, The Restless Worm and Dylan himself…

The Swifter
Introducing The Swifter – a new trio featuring Andrea Belfi (drums and percussion), BJNilsen (electronics) and Simon James Phillips (piano). Their debut album documents the first encounter of the three musicians. Nilsen sources material from the soundboard of the piano played by Phillips. This setup facilitates a oneness of sound that Nilsen subtly manipulates to either augment or contrast against the unique sonic world of Phillips’ playing – which is carefully punctuated or driven by Belfi’s distinctive drumming style. Tonight you will witness the unique interplay of these three elements.

Buy tickets online at
The Wormhole

October 5th | Denovali Swingfest, Essen

Touch.30 continues live in Essen, Germany at the Denovali Swingfest, on October 5th, with Philip Jeck, Achim Mohné - and Mike Harding (Touch).

The resurgence of vinyl in recent years is a phenomenon which has not gone unnoticed; as CD declines sharply, its audio limitations exposed not only by advances in other technologies, but also by the myths propagated at the inception of digital exposed, so artists explore and demand other formats to express their work. Although a business model is still some way off the traditional artist » label » distribution » shop paradigm, it is clear this is being radically overhauled and replaced by online sales platforms set up by the artists themselves. But vinyl seems to have escaped this process, and continues to grow. Why is that?

Edgar Honetschläger "AUN"

Original language: Japanese
Subtitles: English, French, German, Spanish +

Director's Statement:
‘AUN – the beginning and the end of all things’ follows the strings of thoughts the late Claude Lévi-Strauss revealed in his anthropological essays throughout the 20th century, as well as those of Japan’s unique Shintoism who’s millions of gods inhibit and preserve nature. The film focuses on the dichotomy man/nature and envisions a future world where life will be nothing but sensual. It contains references to Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector, Italian anthropologist Fosco Maraini and the Japanese writer Yoko Tawada.

‘AUN – the beginning and the end of all things’ is a 100 min., 35mm feature drama written/directed by the Austrian artist/filmmaker Edgar Honetschläger. It is a Austrian/Japanese co-production realized by Edoko Institute Vienna and Ribo Ltd. Tokyo in cooperation with KGP Vienna. AUN was supported by the Austrian Film Institute, the Vienna Film Fund, the ORF (Austrian TV), the province of Upper Austria, the City of Tokyo, Tochigi Province, Shizuoka province, Yamanashi province.

The soundtrack by Christian Fennesz, remixed and remastered, is also available on CD (Ash International # 9.5,2012].

Buy Edgar Honetschläger "AUN" [DVD] in the TouchShop
Fennesz’s soundtrack also available on CD

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