Touch Newsletter #102

Welcome to the 102nd Touch Newsletter. This edition brings news of three new Touch releases for October, all available now in the TouchShop.

In October 2013 Phill Niblock will be 80, and Touch will release his latest recordings, "Touch Five". Details below. Burkhard Stangl's first CD for Touch, entitled "Unfinished. For William Turner, painter.", is now available. Also, Mika Vainio's and Joachim Nordwall's recent CD, "Monstrance", is now available in a limited edition 2x45rpm vinyl version.

Niblock's 80th is further celebrated at the end of September with screenings of his film works at New York's Anthology Film Archives. More info below.

Touch Radio 98 is now broadcasting – Group Three, Live – L@TE: Friday Night at BAM/PFA, July 26th, 2013. Group Three are Kaori Suzuki, Marshall Trammell and Zachary James Watkins.

We are pleased to announce that Mike Harding hosts a new 90 minute-long weekly show for Resonance104.4fm, "Long Wave", starting 8th October. More info below.

Finally, further details of two October live events are detailed below; Spire Live at Kontraste Festival and Touch Live at Frequency Festival, Lincoln.

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TO:91 | Phill Niblock "Touch Five"

2xCD Album - Jewel Case - 5 tracks

CD One
1. FeedCord Ear (featuring Arne Deforce)
[you can hear an extract here]
2. A Cage of Stars (featuring Rhodri Davies)

CD Two
1. Two Lips (featuring Zwerg Guitar Quartet)
2. Two Lips  (featuring Dither Guitar Quartet)
3. Two Lips (featuring Coh Da Quitar Quartet)

In October 2013 Phill Niblock will be 80…

Phill Niblock writes:
"These CDs include pieces made in two different ways. Traditionally (since 1968), I recorded tones played by an instrument (by an instrumentalist), arranging these single tones into mutli-layered settings, making thick textured drones, with many microtones. In the early days, I prescribed the microtones, tuning the instrumentalist, when I was using audio tape. Later, I used the software ProTools, and made the microtones as I made the pieces. FeedCorn Ear and A Cage of Stars were made this way. In 1998, Petr Kotik asked me to make a piece for orchestra, so, I began to make scores for the musicians to play from. The form of that piece, and the subsequent six scored works, were patterned after a piece in 1992-94, where the musicians were tuned by hearing tones played from a tape through headphones. These are the instructions for the scored piece on the second CD, Two Lips. The score was prepared by Bob Gilmore, from specific directions by me. TWO LIPS, aka Nameless, is conceived as two scores, A and B, to be played simultaneously, lasting 23 minutes. Each score consists of ten instrumental parts. The twenty separate parts should be distributed randomly amongst the musicians of the ensemble; the 'A group' and the 'B group' are not separated spatially."

Buy Phill Niblock "Touch Five" [2xCD] in the TouchShop

Anthology Film Archives | A Tour of Phill Niblock's Film Works

28th September – 30th September 2013

It is mindboggling that a man with the tireless energy and ceaseless touring schedule of Phill Niblock is about to turn 80. An internationally recognized artist with a wide body of music, film, photography, video, and computer works, Niblock has specialized in making intermedia performance since the mid-1960s. As a composer, he creates thick clouds of drones that are filled with surprisingly active microtones and timbres that generate many other tones in the performance space. During concerts of his music, Niblock simultaneously presents films/videos focused on the movement of people working, or computer-driven black-and-white abstract images floating through time. While Niblock is best known today as a minimalist composer, he actually started his artistic practice with film (and photography) – in fact, his first compositions were created to accompany his films.

Born in Indiana in 1933, he has been an artist/member of the vital Experimental Intermedia Foundation in New York since 1968, and its Director since 1985. Over the years he has produced more than 1,000 performances at the EI loft in Soho, acted as curator of the innovative XI Records label, and launched a second EI space in Ghent, Belgium. Recordings of his music are available on the XI, Moikai, Mode, and Touch labels, and DVDs containing his films and music have been released on the Extreme and Die Schachtel labels.

This program provides a glimpse into the broad range of Niblock’s cinematic explorations, from rarely-presented early works to a selection of films from his well-known “Movement of People Working” series, which he usually shows at his concerts.

This 80th birthday tribute has been curated by Katherine Liberovskaya.

Screening details can be read at

TO:92 | Burkhard Stangl "Unfinished. For William Turner, painter."

CD Album - Jewel Case - 3 tracks

Design & photography by Jon Wozencroft
Premastering by Christian Fennesz
Mastering by Denis Blackham @ Skye


1. part 1 - Unfinished - mellow 33:39
    part 2 - Unfinished - waiting
    part 3 - Unfinished – longing
2. Unfinished - sailing 16:44 - [you can hear an extract here]
3. Unfinished - ending 2:55

"The sun is God" (The last words of painter, JMW Turner)

"Which side of the picture should be hung uppermost? - 2003, London: the first time I visited Tate Britain, Tate Gallery, and the first time I saw and really experienced the paintings of JMW Turner (1775-1851). Overwhelmed, especially by his late and unfinished works I was stunned by the power of the stillness of his work. 25 years before that something similar; me, as a young man in Madrid; Prado, Goya paintings and etchings - for me an initiation which opened up the door to earlier art and its pioneers. Like Goya one generation before him, Turner is one of those artists whose language was becoming radicalized in the high age. (In the field of music he is the contemporary of Beethoven.) His later paintings transcend light, full of poetic imagination, exquisite liquid calm. Free pure painting - nothing as light, air and water. When I left the exhibition, it was clear to me that this visit was the starting point for my musical approach to his paintings. Over the years, it was a pleasent challenge to get closer and closer to the painter’s complex simplicity, transforming the enigmatic atmospheres of his late and unfinshed works into personal tempting musical soundscapes."
Burkhard Stangl, September 2013

Track notes:
#1 recorded live by Norbert Benesch at Porgy and Bess, Vienna, 4th January 2013
#2 recorded by Fennesz at Amann Studios, Vienna, 5th March 2013. First take, no edits, no cuts.
#3 recorded live by Philip Leitner, at Garnisongasse 7, Vienna, 18th June 2010

Burkhard Stangl: electric guitar and tapes (electronics and field recordings). Unfinished 1 (mellow) is based on Stangl’s composition for three zithers Mellow (My Feldman), dedicated to and played by Trio Greifer.

Buy Burkhard Stangl "Unfinished. For William Turner, painter." [CD] in the TouchShop

TO:88V | Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall "Monstrance"

Limited edition 2x45rpm vinyl version
Cut by Jason at Transition

Brainwashed wrote: "Monstrance is an intense, rumbling piece of jagged metal that, even in its lighter moments is unsettling and uncomfortable. But despite its iron trappings and serrated surges of noise, it is indisputably organic, a sensibility that is rarely associated with Vainio's output. It comes across as natural though, and results in this bleak, moody recording that excels in its darkness."

Buy Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall "Monstrance" [2x45rpm Vinyl] in the TouchShop
…also available on CD

Touch Radio 98 | Group Three

11.09.13 - Group Three - Live - 26:53 - 320 kbps

L@TE: Friday Night at BAM/PFA

July 26th, 2013

University of California Berkley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive


Thingamajigs and Sasha Hom created 9 long vertical scrolls, at once musical score, artwork, poetry, and cartography that ascended the cavernous space, catalyzing the musical performances of three different improvising groups and transforming Gallery B into a collaborative map.

Group Three:

Kaori Suzuki - original hand built MEM analog synthesizer
Marshall Trammell - percussion
Zachary James Watkins - electronics

Subscribe to the TouchPod podcast of TouchRadio via the iTunes Music Store
Play "Group Three - Live"

"Long Wave" | Resonance104.4fm

We are pleased to announce that Mike Harding hosts a new weekly show for Resonance104.4fm, "Long Wave", starting 8th October - you can find out more information on his website - and by following him on twitter - @venoztks.

The 90 minute show will feature new recordings, archives, live shows, interviews and other items. The first show will look at the extensive career of Phill Niblock, who will have just turned 80 (born 3rd October 1933) and has a new album due out on October 14th. Regular features will include "Artist's Choice", where Oren Ambarchi, BJNilsen, Chris Watson and others reveal a song from the mainstream musical canon which has stuck with them…

Spire Live at Kontraste Festival | 11th October 2013

The 14th Spire will take place in St. Stephan Church, Mautern, close to Krems, Austria, on 11th October 2013, opening the Kontraste Festival. More information can be found here - - and tickets can be obtained from here -

Location: Mautern

Marcus Davidson (Organ & electronics)
Christian Fennesz (Guitar & electronics)
Mike Harding (The Eternal Chord & programme designer)
Philip Jeck (Turntables & sampler)
Charles Matthews (Organ & programme designer)
Burkhard Stangl (Guitar, electronics & organ)
The Eternal Chord
Organ Massive

Programme, 7-10+pm (subject to change):
PART ONE 7pm-8:15pm
Charles Camilleri: Lento, (from Sonata semplice)
Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer - Prelude no.8, six fugues and finale, from "Blumen Strauss"
Marcus Davidson - The Passing
Johann Nepomuk David - Movement 3 from Partita on BACH
Philip Jeck (solo)


PART TWO 8:30pm - 10pm
Erik Satie - Prière pour le salut de mon âme
Leos Janacek - Organ solo from Glagolitic Mass
"The Austrian Hour" - Christian Fennesz & Burkhard Stangl
Arvo Pärt - Pari Intervallo
The Eternal Organ
Organ Massive

…end 10:15pm approx

Touch Live at Frequency Festival, Lincoln | 19th October 2013

Location: Lincoln Cathedral

Chris Watson & Hildur Gudnadottir (multi-channel performance)
Anna von Hausswolff (Organ)
The Eternal Chord (Organ)

For more information please visit the festival website -

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