Touch Newsletter #106

Welcome to the 106th Touch Newsletter. We are delighted to announce the forthcoming release by Anna von Hausswolff. A strictly limited edition vinyl-only release, “Källan (Prototype)” is a solo organ piece as performed by Anna at Frequency 13 Lincoln Digital Culture, recorded live at Lincoln Cathedral on 19th October 2013. We are now taking advanced orders in the TouchShop – expected shipping date: 3rd March 2014.

The second edition of Oren Ambarchi's cassette “Amulet” is now in stock in the TouchShop. 100 copies only. Also new in the shop – "In Four Parts" – Fennesz’s collaboration with Patrick Pulsinger.

From February 25th to March 1st 2014, the tenth version of the sound installation freq_out will be executed in Theatre Royal in Marrakech, Morocco, in conjunction with the 5th Marrakech Biennial. Curated by Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Jacob Kirkegaard, the event’s participants include Kirkegaard, von Hausswolff, BJ Nilsen and Mike Harding, and others… Further details below.

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Tone 45.6 | Anna von Hausswolff "Källan (Prototype)"

2 tracks - Vinyl LP - 39:57
(at the request of the artist, there is no digital version of this release)

Limited edition of 500, white shrink-wrapped sleeve, with colour metallic sticker and black inner sleeve, with white labels. Expected shipping date: 3rd March 2014.

Cut by Jason at Transition Studios on 22nd January 2014
Artwork & photography by Jon Wozencroft


A. Källan (Prototype) part one 20' 10" (with locked groove)
B. Källan (Prototype) part two 19' 47"

Organ: Anna von Hausswolff. Recorded live at Lincoln Cathedral, 19th October 2013.

Performed at Frequency 13 Lincoln Digital Culture Festival  as part of Touch presents…, (which also featured Chris Watson & Hildur Gudnadottir). Recorded live by Mike Harding using 2 x dpa 4060s onto a Nagra Ares Pll digital recorder. This recording is unedited from the original raw file.

Though she now lives in Copenhagen, Anna von Hausswolff grew up in the once vibrant, bohemian neighbourhood of Haga in Gothenburg, Sweden, to a family who counted amongst their ancestors Bernhard Reynold von Hausswolff, an 18th Century governor of Falun, Sweden, who helped bring an end to the burning of witches. Although Anna has achieved acclaim with her song-based albums “Ceremony” and “Singing from the Grave” (both first released on Kning Disk in Sweden),  she has always had an ear for the radical approach, and this is the first step in a long-term collaboration with Touch.

Pre-order Anna von Hausswolff "Källan (prototype)" [Vinyl LP] in the TouchShop

TTW#65 | Oren Ambarchi "Amulet" [Second Edition]

Cassette only – second edition of 100 copies,
Clear shell
Illustration – SavX

Track listing:
A: I

iPhone recordings assembled at Chez Cole, Winnipeg, July 2013.

Buy Oren Ambarchi "Amulet" [Second Edition] in the TouchShop
More information on

Pulsinger / Fennesz "In Four Parts"

CD - 4 tracks - 49:24

Equipped with a modular synthesizer, a guitar and electronics Patrick Pulsinger and Christian Fennesz approach the master of all things silent, John Cage. The piece on this album, which was recorded live at Wiener Konzerthaus, was inspired by the underlying attitude of Cage’s String Quartet in Four Parts. Upon invitation by the WIEN MODERN festival the two legendary electronic music protagonists tackled the composer’s early string quartet, took it apart and adapted it for two players, always bearing in mind the original instrumentation. Rhythmic structures and the play with silence, motifs and repetitions were treated like quotations having undergone a lengthy transmission process, and were then put together and made into an intriguingly contemporary model. The modular synthesizer, wholly analogue and musically flexible, took its bearings from the viola and violoncello. The two violins were represented by Fennesz’s e-guitar, which is coupled with electronics to generate an intense world of sound. With tiny phrases, microtonal elements and complex sounds Pulsinger / Fennesz create an intense musical experience that permits an interplay between active listening and passive absorption, stimulating the listener’s imagination in wondrous ways.

Patrick Pulsinger, modular synthesizer
Christian Fennesz, guitar, electronics

All music composed by Patrick Pulsinger & Christian Fennesz.

Recorded live at Wiener Konzerthaus, commissioned by WIEN MODERN festival 2012.

Buy Pulsinger / Fennesz "In Four Parts" [CD] in the TouchShop

freq_out 10

February 25th to March 1st 2014
Theatre Royal

The tenth version of the sound installation freq_out will be executed in Theatre Royal in Marrakech, Morocco, in conjunction with the 5th Marrakech Biennial.

The pre-opening of the exhibition is on February 25, 2014. The 5th Marrakech Biennial is curated by Hicham Khalidi. Additional concerts and performances by freq_out artists will occur from February 27th to March 1st.

Curated by Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Jacob Kirkegaard.

Participants: Maia Urstad, JG Thirlwell, Franz Pomassl, The Sons of God (Kent Tankred & Leif Elggren), Mike Harding, Christine Ödlund, Tommi Grönlund & Petteri Nisunen, leif e. boman, BJ Nilsen, Brandon LaBelle, Kamarstudios, Jacob Kirkegaard.
freq_out in the TouchShop

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