December 2008 Touch NewsLetter

Welcome to the December 2008 Touch Newsletter. Below you will find information about Touch Live at The Roundhouse, new editions by Elgaland-Vargaland, Jana Winderen and Oren Ambarchi. Plus, a new Touch Radio by Pascal Wyse and a round-up of Touch's 2008 editions.

Just a quick note to thank you all for your support throughout the year. Touch wishes you a happy festive season and all the best for the new year. By way of a gift, here's a link to a track from the first Touch edition of 2009, Nana April Jun's "The Ontology of Noise."

Touch Live at The Roundhouse | 16th May 2009

Touch presents, as part of The Short Circuit Festival:

Philip Jeck [UK] and the Gavin Bryars Ensemble [UK/FR] - "The Sinking of the Titanic"
Biosphere [NO]
Hildur Gudnadóttir [IS] & BJNilsen [SE]

Information regarding tickets will be announced soon.

Ash 7.6: The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland National Anthem #5

Ash International # Ash 7.6
7" vinyl only. This release is strictly limited to a hand-numbered edition of 500 copies.
Available in the TouchShop.

Kampen Skoles Musikkorps performs The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland National Anthem #5 c/w The KREV Underwater National Anthem, recorded by King Leif I and the UK Ambassador.

This 7" is the third in a series of vinyl acoustic versions of the National Anthems of Elgaland-Vargaland. See also the Mariachi version [Ash 7.2] and the Klezmer and Afrobeat versions [Ash 7.4], both issued in 2007 via Ash International.

The KREV Underwater National Anthem was recorded under MS Reichenau on the occasion of the Annexation of the Bodensee (Lake Constance). Kampen Skoles Musikkorps consists of around 24 musicians aged from 9 to 16. It was founded in 1906 and is the third oldest school marching band in Norway. Recorded on 12 March 2008 at Kampen Skole in Oslo. To learn more about this release, click here.

Elgaland-Vargaland in the TouchShop

Jana Winderen "Surface Runoff"

Autofact # FACT 17
7" vinyl only. This release is strictly limited to an edition of 500 copies.
Available in the TouchShop.

Side A: Mae Taeng [45rpm] 02:56 + locked groove. Frogs and crickets from paddy fields, catfish and shrimp from the rivers Ping and Mae Taeng north of Chiang Mai, Thailand, using 2 DPA hydrophones, made during a visit to The Land Project in January 2007.

Side B: Drift [33rpm] 04:49. A collage of underwater hydrophone recordings from the rivers Fjadrárgljúfur (Iceland), Akerselva and Hardangerfjorden (Norway), Spree (Germany), Ouse (England), Ping and Mae Taeng (Thailand). This edit is taken from the sound installation 'Drift' at the LABoral art centre in Gijon, Spain which opened on the 16th November 2007.

Future projects by Jana include an album, "Heated - Live in Japan" [Tone 36] scheduled for release on Touch in January 2009, a studio album based on hydrophone recordings from the Icefjord Kangia by Ilulissat in Greenland, and the installation "Voices from the Deep" in collaboration with Chris Watson.

Smallfish say: "This collaboration between Autofact and Touch is absolutely lovely. Jana Winderen is a name you'll probably be hearing more about in the future and, for me, this is just a perfect little 7". Essentially it's a field recording document created using a wide range of sounds and samples from various countries. 'Mae Tang' is constructed from paddy fields, frogs and crickets and has a lovely burbling sound that is incredibly relaxed. The B-side, 'Drift', uses underwater hydrophone recordings to give you an aquatic voyage with an almost wind-like quality to the sound. Beautifully presented and full of charm, this is a great release. Can't wait to hear more!"

Jana Winderen in the TouchShop

Oren Ambarchi x Savage Pencil - four copies only...

Table of the Elements # TOE-LP-95
12" one-sided clear vinyl with an etching by Savage Pencil.

Exclusively in the TouchShop: FOUR copies, pressed on non-standard clear vinyl and signed by Savage Pencil himself. Click here to purchase - first come, first served!

A Final Kiss on Poisoned Cheeks [20:21]

Table of the Elements say: "There is a vivid breadth to the guitar deconstructions of Australian Oren Ambarchi. Sometimes his work takes a delicate lilt; it can also dive into dark and deep pools of sound when he joins cowl-core ensembles Sunn O))) (with Stephen O'Malley) and Burial Chamber Trio (with Greg Anderson). Whether with those bands, solo, or in collaboration with luminaries ranging from Mike Patton and John Zorn to Christian Fennesz, he consistently reroutes his instrument into zones of arch, alien abstraction. A Final Kiss on Poisoned Cheeks offers a dizzying gaze straight into a chasm of extreme frequencies - paint-peelingly high and bowel-churningly low - all set atop a sub-strata of menace, angst, and contemplative beauty."

Oren Ambarchi in the TouchShop

Touch Radio 37 | Pascal Wyse

09.12.08 - Barbialla - 12:50 - 192 kpbs

How to catch a truffle

Ancient Greeks, as much in the dark as anyone else when it came to where the white truffle is to be found, shrugged and announced that the tuber magnatum occurred wherever lightning struck the ground. Cobblers, of course, but that's the excuse for beginning this piece with a burgeoning thunder storm - in September 2008, on the Barbialla Nuova estate near San Miniato, Tuscany. This is an area famed for its white truffles.

Then a truffle hunt, with Imperio, Bobbi and Sabali. Bobbi is a dog, a breed called Lagotto. Imperio is the hunter. Sabali translates Imperio now and again, but most of the time he is chatting to the dog, saying "Find!", "Is it or isn't it?" He gets very angry with the cat ("Go home!") who, feeling sociable, joined us on this three-hour walk.

A truffle is found and Bobbi, having pulled up a 12-inches of earth, doesn't want to surrender it. At least with a dog you can yank him away by the scruff of the neck, and Bobbi was occasionally seen flying over Imperio's shoulder. Not so easy with pigs, who used to be employed as truffle hunters - but enough of an excuse to include the sounds of Silvio here, the biggest of the farm's Cinta Senese breed.

There the tenuous links end, unless anyone knows of a connection between truffles and the crickets, tawny owls and mystery birds that chattered deep in to the night.

[Recorded on DPA miniature omni microphones and Sound Devices 702 recorder]Pascal has also contributed a truffle recipe to Touch's online Recipe Book...

Touch | 2008 editions

Fennesz - Black Sea [CD]

Fennesz - Black Sea [CD]

Fennesz - Black Sea [LP]

Fennesz - Black Sea [LP]

Jacob Kirkegaard - Labyrinthitis

Jacob Kirkegaard - Labyrinthitis

Lawrence English - Kiri No Oto

Lawrence English - Kiri No Oto

Philip Jeck - Sand

Philip Jeck - Sand

Spire Live - Fundamentalis - Double LP [vinyl only]

Spire Live - Fundamentalis - Double LP [vinyl only]

People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz - Withers in the Waking [7

People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz - Withers in the Waking [7" vinyl only]

Jim O'Rourke - Despite the Water Supply [7

Jim O'Rourke - Despite the Water Supply [7" vinyl only]

Mika Vainio - Behind the Radiators [7

Mika Vainio - Behind the Radiators [7" vinyl only]

Oren Ambarchi - Destinationless Desire [7

Oren Ambarchi - Destinationless Desire [7" vinyl only]

Fennesz - Transition [7

Fennesz - Transition [7" vinyl only]

AER - Project [7

AER - Project [7" vinyl only]

Chris Watson - Oceanus Pacificus [7

Chris Watson - Oceanus Pacificus [7" vinyl only]

Fennesz | Jeck | Matthews - Amoroso [7

Fennesz | Jeck | Matthews - Amoroso [7" vinyl only]

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