September 2008 Touch NewsLetter

Welcome to the September 2008 Touch Newsletter. Below you will find information about new editions, a new TouchRadio, live events and more...

There has been a major upgrade to the TouchShop by rebels in control...

There has been an upgrade to the TouchShop by Rebels in Control. The TouchShop now has a design harmonious with the Touch website, making it a richer experience with clearer navigation, tidier information display and larger packshots throughout.

New Editions

Jim O'Rourke - Despite the Water Supply

Side A: Despite the Water Supply Part 1 4:12
Side B: Despite the Water Supply Part 2 4:05

Recorded at Steamroom Tokyo, May 2008. Thanks to Makino Takashi and Takayama Yumiko.

The 7th in the ongoing series of Touch Sevens

Jim O'Rourke and other Touch Sevens in the TouchShop. TS05 Oren Ambarchi is now back in stock...

Touch Radio

Touch Radio 34 | Diane Hope

1.09.08 - Elk Song – 11:14 - 192 kpbs

Headphones recommended. Recorded 24/48 with a Rode NT4 stereo mic.

The forests and meadows of Northern Arizona's high country are populated by herds of elk, packs of coyotes and a variety of frogs, owls and other wildlife. Camping out overnight can be an exhilarating acoustic experience - as I found out...

Waking up in my tent just after 1 AM my immediate thought was that I had entered some weird spirit realm and was hearing the wail of a banshee - what turned out to be a bugling elk. The initial recordings were made on 4th September 2007. The main portion of the recording, an ethereal song consisting of a series of explosive elk calls, was made more recently on 10th June 2008.


You can find photos from the recent Spire Live at Hardingtonar on 21st June on the Spire website here

Touch Recipe Book

We have added some new recipes to the Touch Recipe Book

Touch Archive

We have been posting mp3s of some of the tracks from the early Touch cassettes... You can browse and find links in the Touch Archive section of the Touch website here. In the section 'Early Cassette Culture', you will find that some of the titles listed for each edition will contain severL audio links... more will be added in the coming months.

The previous NewsLetter from July 2008 can be found here