Alejandro G. Inarritu - "The Revenant"

Music by Hildur Gudnadottir was used for The Revenant, including licenses for "Whiten", from the album 'Without Sinking', and "Strokur", from 'Saman'

You can listen to her releases on her bandcamp page

Touch Music signs to Fairwood Music

Independent Music Publishers Fairwood Music are proud to announce a new publishing agreement with British audio-visual company Touch for the World Ex-Australia and New Zealand.

Having had their eclectic music featured in such diverse projects as the Royal London Ballet, BBC America, HBO and Calvin Klein adverts you can be sure that you’ve more than likely heard their music already.
Touch also has the pleasure of representing an array of talented composers including Oren Ambarchi, Christian Fennesz and Geir Jenssen.

Announcing the recent signing, Fairwood’s Managing Director Francis Pettican said, “Fairwood are delighted to be working with Touch and we feel this new deal will be extremely beneficial for both parties. Touch represent an incredible scope of works and it is our privilege to administer these on their behalf.”

Mike Harding, co-Director, said, “Fairwood are a breath of fresh air to an independent and established organisation such as Touch. Their positive and progressive approach to our unique carefully curated catalogue represents a brave acquisition and we look forward immensely to working with them in the years ahead.”

Touch Music | Licensing

Over the years there have been many and various usages of Touch recorded works; from ballet to film, theatre to dance - the range of titles available in the Touch catalogue seems to suit many different media.

Rights can be cleared either directly (contact details can be found lower down on the right hand side of this page) or through the blanket agreement with MCPS.

Amongst those who have enjoyed Touch music usage include:

Lynn Ramsay · Gaspar Noé · Lars von Trier · The Royal Ballet (London) · Terrence Malik · Morgan Matthews · Rambert Dance Company · Gustav Deutsch · Shobana Jeyasingh Company · Justin Smith · EMI · Oxford Film and Television · JVC (Japan) · Lakeshore Entertainment (USA) · Tonic Music · BBC Radio & TV · BBC America · ITV · C4 · Carte Blanche (Norway's national contemporary dance company) · Theater Vorpommern (Germany) · The Dutch National Ballet · The Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre (Russia) · Atlantik Film (Turkey) · Chou/Shu-yi & Dancers (Taiwan) · Media Rights Capital (USA) · Bossanova Films (Brazil) · Furia Films (Slovakia) · Riot Cinema (Spain) · Alaska Dance Theatre · Prada · Tero Saarinen (Finland) · Richmond Ballet (USA) · Samsa Films (Luxembourg) · Jessica Ruano & Second Skin Theatre (UK) · MTV · Olafur Eliason · Mark Woollen & Associates (USA) · Grace Jones · National Film Board of Canada · Sydney Dance Company (Australia) · Singapore Dance Theatre · Isaac Julien · Otter Films (Poland) · Jeremiah Zagar · Colney Films · The Olympic Museum (Switzerland) · Christian Dior Couture · Jürgen Brüning · GoGirls Productions (Australia) · Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal · Waterfront Film (Bulgaria) · 2 Below Zero (USA) · Hamlet Sarkissian · HBO · Theater Angereds (Sweden) · Theater Lantaren (Netherlands) · Universal (France) · Staatstheater Stuttgart · Rectangle (France) · Princess Pictures (Ireland) · Nordisk Film (Denmark) · Nederlands Dans · Mediata TV (Spain) · M.A.T. Music Theme Licensing (Ireland) · Hatari Films (France) · FreibeuterFilm Neumann (Austria) · Charleroi Danses (Belgium) · Cerigo Films (France) · BMG (France) · Paprika Films (France) · Rough Magic (Ireland) · Gigantic Films · VICE (USA) · Dreamworks Animation [Asia] · Sydney Theatre Company [Australia] · Frontier Alliance International [USA] · Calvin Klein · Joe Goode Performance Group [USA] · King Midas Sound · The Climate Change Project [USA] · Ballet Hispanico [USA] · Teatro Casas [Argentina] · "The Revenant" (dir. Iñárritu) [USA] · Gucci · LCO (London Contemporary Orchestra) · SineFilm (Turkey) ·

Touch Music is wholly owned by Touch. We also represent Field Music...

Terrence Malik - "Knight of Cups"

Malik's forthcoming movie draw extensively on Biosphere's catalogue for music usage...

You can read about the movie, starring Christian bale, here:

Knight of Cups

Fennesz music usage on film trailer

Surf, from Fennesz's album Field Recordings 1995-2002 [Touch # Tone 16, 2002], has been used on a trailer for the movie The Grey (dir. Joe Carnahan, 2012).

Here is the teaser trailer on youtube

Leslie Winer on Grace Jones Dub Album | September 2011

Grace Jones - Hurricane/Dub

This album features the track "This Is" [GRACE JONES/IVOR GUEST/LESLIE WINER/ANTONY GENN]. Touch Music represents the publishing for Leslie Winer's composition share. The album is due out on Wall of Sound in September 2011.

Viktor Oszkar Nagy - "Caught Between Two Worlds"

Viktor Oszkar Nagy has used extensive music by Hildur Gudnadottir in his new documentary film, Caught Between Two Worlds, which was produced in Hungary by Campfilm.

Terrence Malik - "The Tree of Life"

Terrence Malik's new movie has caused a sensation at Cannes. You can read an in-depth review here (spoiler alert***)

The film contains music by Biosphere, specifically the track 'Hyperborea' from Substrata 2.

Lynne Ramsay - "We Need To Talk About Kevin"

An extract of 'Aquaculture' from Energy Field by Jana Winderen has been used on the latest film directed by Lynne Ramsay. We Need to Talk About Kevin is a 2011 British film directed and adapted by Lynne Ramsay from American author Lionel Shriver's 2003 novel of the same name.

The film premiered at Cannes and you can read about it here in a review in The Guardian and in an interview with Tilda Swinton.

From The Observer 15th May 2011:

"Seamus McGarvey's camerawork is scintillating, and Lynne Ramsay's music choices, including Lonnie Donegan and Buddy Holly all linked by another impressive score by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood, are impeccable."

Gaspar Noe - "Enter the Void"

This film has received a 5 star review in The Guardian.
Music by BJNilsen & Stillupsteypa features on the soundtrack…

Listen to Touch Music Artists

Oren Ambarchi - Corkscrew - Wednesday - Salt

Robert Crouch - I Melt With You

drøne - this strange life

Leif Elggren - Mother?!!

Christian Fennesz - Saffron Revolution - Rivers of Sand - Live
- Liminal - Himitsu - Amoroso (with Charles Matthews) - Vacuum

Soliman Gamil - Supplication - Sufi Dialogue

Hildur Gudnadottir - Erupting Light - My - Torrek

Philip Jeck - Tilting - Wholesome - All That's Allowed

Bethan Kellough - Canopy (extract)

Phill Niblock - Sethwork

BJNilsen - Meter Reading - Gotland - Meteosat

Joachim Nordwall - Alloy Ceremony [with Mika Vainio]

Yann Novak - San Marino (excerpt)

Rosy Parlane - Iris - Atlantis

Claire M Singer - A Different Place

Sohrab - Susanna - Himmel Über Tehran

Mark Van Hoen - All for You - Froese Requiem - Socrates's Books

Carl Michael von Hausswolff

Chris Watson - Crows, Doves & Bells - Wolves - Qujela Mine - Lioness Threatens Male, Itong Plains, Kenya

Jana Winderen - Aquaculture - Heated - Ultraworld (extract)

Zerocrop - Die Screaming - Scum

Also representing:

The London Snorkelling Team - I'm A Little Mouse

Simon Scott - Below Sea Level

Mika Vainio - Outside the Circle of Fire - MAGNETOTACTIC - Swedenborgia

Pascal Wyse

You can hear many more samples and releases by subscribing to our Youtube channel

Contacts for publishing rights & licensing:

If you wish to license any recordings, then permission needs to be sought from us, so please contact us with your proposal. Email us here: touch -at- touch33 -.- net

13 Osward Road
London SW17 7SS


Worldwide: Fairwood Music
except Australasia: Mushroom Music

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