Previous Film & other uses of Touch Published Material

Music composed by artists published by Touch Music [MCPS] is frequently used by film, TV and dance companies around the world. There are also numerous CD or vinyl albums and compilations which contain tracks, too many to list here. Here is a non-definite list of some of the examples between 2002 and 2010 (to be updated shortly):

Monogamy Films (US)

Dana Adam Shapiro - Monogamy [2010, USA]

Biosphere - Dissolving Clouds [1]

Fidélité Films (FR)

Gaspar Noe - Enter the Void [2010, France]

BJNilsen & Stilluppsteypa [1]

Neffa Films (AL)

Tariq - Teguia Gabbla (aka Inland) [2008, Algeria/France]

Fennesz [1]

EMI Records (UK)

Sigur Rós - Heima [2007, DVD]

Chris Watson & Jana Winderen provide field recordings from Iceland for the production.

Tightrope Productions (UK)

Instinct [2006, ITV]

Two part drama written by Lizzie Mickery

Music Design: Touch

with music from Biosphere, BJNilsen, Joachim Nordwall, Rafael Toral, Zerocrop & others

Priamos Film GmbH & Co KG (Germany)

Zanzibar Like Paradise [2006]

Sun (with Oren Ambarchi) - Help Yourself [1]

Inaudible Productions:

Ashes and Snow [2005]

Jóhann Jóhannsson - Joi & Karen/Salfraedingur/Bao/Karen Byr Til Engil/Odi Et Amo/Eg Hyroi Allt An Pess Ao Hiustra [6]

Rectangle Productions/Les Films d'Antoine (France)

Une Aventure [2005]

BJNilsen - Stream/Anemo/Sough [3]

Oxford Film and Television (UK)

The Story of Drawing [2005, BBC]

Fennesz - River of Sand

JVC Music (Japan)


Chris Watson - Massed Knot Roost [1]


Anti-Whaling Video

Biosphere - Poa Alpina [1]

3Girls Productions (USA)

Both Ends of the World [2005]

Philip Jeck - Veil [1]

Ryan Redford (Canada)

Lake [2005]

Johann Johannsson - Thetta gerist a bestu baejum/Krokodil [2]

Lakeshore Entertainment (USA)

Wicker Park [2004]

Jóhann Jóhannsson - [3]


The Mothman Prophecies [2002]

Biosphere - [1]

Giulia Achilli/Francesco Fei (Italy)

Waves [2004]

Rafael Toral - Maersk Line/Energy Nourish [2]

Studio International (France)

A CRAN 2 [2004]

Johann Johannsson - Ode Et Amo [1]

Jonas Kellegher (Sweden)

Detaljer and Japanska Former [2002]

BJNilsen - Original score

Noe Productions (France)

Investigation into the invisible world [2003]

Biosphere - Kobresia/Antennaria/Silene [3]

Detaljer and Japanska Former [2002]

BJNilsen - Original score

Grimthorpe Films (USA)

Gambling, Gods and LSD [2002]

Fennesz - Hotel Paral.lel/Afternoon [2]

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